Kari Goetz

Kari Goetz [she/her] happily lives two lives as a non-profit community leader and as a creative artist. Some would say that, by necessity, it’s the same job. She is thrilled to be back at Jobsite where she has been an artistic associate since 2002, when she moved to Tampa from Los Angeles, where she was a founding member of The Second City Hollywood. Goetz has directed and performed in numerous Jobsite productions, as well as Stageworks Theatre. She holds a BFA in Theater Performance from the University of Florida, and an MA in Communication from the University of South Florida. Goetz is (almost) Florida native (by six months), and a proud member of the Athena Society, board member for Stageworks Theatre, board member of the Tampa Bay Chamber, the advisory board of Visit Tampa Bay, and a long-time resident and enthusiast of Seminole Heights. She lives in a funky bungalow with her groovy husband, her righteous son, and a mess of pets. She shares her thoughts on the podcast, www.thecrabbygals.com.

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