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Kari Goetz Kari Goetz is the Director of Marketing for the Tampa International Airport. She has been an artistic associate with Jobsite Theater since 2002, when she moved to Tampa from Los Angeles, where she was a performer, director and instructor for The Second City. A board member since 2004, Goetz has directed and performed in numerous Jobsite productions. She holds a BFA in Theater Performance from the University of Florida, an MA in Communication from the University of South Florida and is an adjunct professor for the USF College of Business. In addition, Goetz sits on the boards of the Girl Scouts of West Central Florida, Tampa Bay Organization for Women in International Trade, the Miss Tampa Pageant, the Tony Jannus Distinguished Aviation Society, and the steering committees of Airport Council International and Feeding Tampa Bay. When she’s around theater people, she’s the boring business person and when she’s in business meetings, she’s the artistic one. The truth lies somewhere in between.

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