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Jobsite is a professional theater company. We pay our artists and engage professional contracts with playwrights and their publishers. We have one full-time paid employee with the need for several more, contract part-time front office help as needed, and we’re working towards paying all of our artists a living wage.

Every artist contract that we work out is different, and is typically based upon a flat fee versus a percentage of sales once a show has broken even on expenses. This ranges from $150 to $250 a week, on average, with 4% – 8% of overages for non-union actors. We also work with Actors Equity association members on Special Appearance 2 contracts (currently $247 a week), but cannot offer travel, housing, or per diem. We do not have a standing agreement with AEA. We also occasionally contract designers who are members of United Scenic Artists. Our goal is to pay a living wage, regardless of union affiliation.

Jobsite does not foresee itself going fully union. Union membership is not and should never be what dictates the distinction between a professional artist from a non-professional.

No. Jobsite is an independent, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit arts organization. We are the resident theater company in the Shimberg Playhouse at Straz, but are a completely separate entity from it. They are a great partner. Prior to our residency, Jobsite and the Straz (then TBPAC) co-produced an average of two plays per year. Once we got a little more on our own two legs, TBPAC stopped co-producing with us and the residency began.

Jobsite is an artists’ company. Part of our mission is to create an artistic home. The ensemble is a way for us to recognize the valuable artistic contributions given to us that are not always adequately financially recognized. Ensemble members are given special access to tickets, workshops and other special opportunities and they may propose side projects that we will consider for production during the course of the season. Ensemble members are also bypassed through the first, general round of our annual auditions and are brought directly into callbacks for the individual shows.

We hold ensemble auditions annually over the summer as part of the Theatre Tampa Bay Unified Auditions. If you’ve never worked for us before, that’s when you want to audition. Our most current information is always on our Auditions page.

While we are always accepting resumes, you will need to be pre-screened before being offered an audition appointment. Jobsite pre-screens applicants for many reasons: we do not offer audition appointments to artists who have no-showed us at prior auditions; we want to ensure the artist has relevant experience or other intangible qualifiers; and we also may choose to bypass certain candidates directly to callbacks. Sadly, we have had up to 35% of our auditionees either call to cancel hours before an audition or just no-show us, which has deprived other artists of a potential audition appointment.

Honestly, we’re more interested in what talent and ability you bring to the table. This isn’t to say experience doesn’t help. Experience goes a long way. However, every season we feature actors who have never worked with us before. In fact, the guy writing the answer to this question has performed for Jobsite in every season, and all he had when he first auditioned was an English degree and some work doing sketch comedy. We’re always looking for new talent.

Jobsite’s Play Selection committee is comprised of Jobsite’s Artistic Associates and chaired by the Producing Artistic Director. This committee shares ideas throughout the year and then pitches one project each at an annual meeting. After a period of consideration, everyone submits their “dream season” to the producing artistic director, who then considers all input before putting a proposed season on the table for Jobsite’s Board of Directors to approve. Seasons are chosen basically 18 months ahead of time.

Well, for now we are not considering unsolicited scripts. That may change in a few years, but for the time being it’s what we need to do.

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