Welcome Season Ticket Holders

Now Enjoy Even Greater Savings

Season pass holders save more now than ever!  If you subscribe by the end of July, you save up to 70% off the price of single tickets. Each show runs $21.65 when you purchase a pass, with no additional charges. Single tickets start at $29.50 and increase by performance based on demand. Pick up a pass and you could pay up to $43 less per show than the person sitting next to you who buys single tickets. Getting a season-pass is a win-win-win!

Ticket Exchanges

If you ever need to move your tickets to another night, the Straz Center box office operators will be happy take care of you. Call 813.229.7827 between noon and 8. The price you paid for the pass is locked in, no matter what new performance you choose. You can also email them at ticketexchange@strazcenter.org with a clear picture/scan of the tickets with the word VOID written across each one along with the new performance date you want.

We cannot move tickets from a performance that has already passed, and we clearly cannot move you into a show that is already sold out. 🙂   N.B. Preview passes are different from regular season passes, and if you move from preview you must pay the difference in the cost between the performances.

If for any reason you have difficulty reaching the Straz Box Office feel free to call the Jobsite office at 813.476.7378 or write to tickets@jobsitetheater.org with how we might be able to help.

Simply Unable To Make a Show?

In the event you do not think you will personally be able to use your tickets and do not have a friend to pass them on to, please also contact us. We can also donate your tickets to member of the community in need who would not otherwise be able to afford to come and give you a donation receipt for your taxes. Since we only seat 98 people, we hate for any seat to ever go empty!

Extra Tickets

You can always buy additional tickets to bring/send friends for 10% off. Call 813.229.7827 between noon and 8 (sorry, this is not available online.)

Free Tickets

Season ticket holders get into all Job-side Productions for FREE (a rarely used but great benefit). We have big plans to reinvigorate this series as of the 2020/21 season, so stay tuned!


Check the dates on your tickets and make sure to put them in your calendar to help you not miss a performance. For most performances you should be able to take advantage of a pre-paid parking option, and we also offer other tips and options to make things easier for you.

Level Up

We can’t thank you enough for the support of the season, but there are ways you can make an even bigger impact. Donate to our Annual Campaign to help ensure that we are here for years to come.

Our $85,000 Goal

Stay In Touch

You’re automatically signed up to get our weekly email with all the news, but we encourage you to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vimeo.

Thanks Again!

We're honored to be the resident professional theater company of the Straz Center and are looking forward to the continued growth and development of downtown. It's truly an exciting time. Whether this coming season is your first or twenty-first with Jobsite, we're stoked to welcome you into our home.

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