Ensemble Program

Jobsite Theater has been dedicated to the cultivation of area talent and to the development of a true artistic home in Tampa for artists of all disciplines for 20 years. In 2005, Jobsite began an Ensemble Program. Jobsite continues to redefine and develop this program from season to season with the goal of providing opportunity, experience and a professional laboratory for performing artists.

The Jobsite Ensemble celebrates 10 years as resident theater company at the Straz Center. (Photo by Crawford Long.)Jobsite Producing Artistic Director David M. Jenkins hopes in addition to helping cultivate area talent that the Ensemble Program continues to give local artists another reason to want to stay in Tampa.

“There isn’t as much work in the area for local artists as there could be. This program serves everyone – our company, our artists, our audiences. We already have a lot of talent in this area. We just need to keep them here.”

Jenkins sees a cycle at work. “If we continue to give artists a satisfying outlet, their talent will only continue to grow. As they grow, the ticket-buying public will continue to respond to that. The more folks we have attending productions, the more we can do for our artists. The more we can do, the less reason the artists have to leave.”

Since 2008, Jobsite has also partnered with groups like Asian Pacific American Scene Inc. (APASI), helping them to produce their unique brand of theater as part of our Job-side Projects series. Jobsite and APASI have successfully co-produced both David Henry Hwang’s Bondage and Michael Golamco’s Cowboy v. Samurai, both which were met with full houses.

In 2017, Jobsite stepped in as a co-producer of the Tampa International Fringe Festival, yet another place where we can help artists find opportunities.


Jobsite Theater is committed to ensemble collaboration and artistic risk through our work with a permanent ensemble, guest artists, collaborating area organizations and the greater Tampa Bay community. Jobsite hopes to help change the landscape of theatrical production by developing a new great generation of dedicated and gifted artists.

Founded in 1998 as an ensemble of five directors, actors and technicians, Jobsite has grown into a respected company of artists over forty strong whose talents include acting, directing, playwriting, filmmaking, and all aspects of technical theater. In the tradition of other great ensemble companies like the Chicago’s Steppenwolf, The Berliner Ensemble and Italy ‘s Fo-Rame company, Jobsite hopes to become a company of national esteem and a point of pride for the city of Tampa.

A jobsite is a place of work. Jobsite Theater is a professional laboratory run by artists for artists as a place to come together and create innovative theater. No pretense, trappings or delusions – just a down and dirty construction zone for creation. Dust and all, it’s ours.

Jobsite firmly believes in the enterprising spirit of Bay Area artists. Jobsite believes that given the opportunity and resources, the level of talent and dedication in this region is greater than we are able to see at present. We find that what most artists need is a safe environment to experiment and an established apparatus to make that experimentation possible.

Jobsite is determined to seek out committed artists who are willing to work for the advancement of their skills, the improvement of the cultural community at large, and the development of a mighty artistic home.

How it works

  • Jobsite Theater attends the annual Theatre Tampa Bay Unified Auditions.
  • After the auditions, the pool of directors and the Artistic Director will meet to address the needs for that season and hold callbacks accordingly.
  • After the callbacks, offers will be made to the artists.
  • Once the offers are accepted and made public, the artists are automatically considered part of the Ensemble.
  • Individuals may also gain entry into the Jobsite Ensemble by completing our Internship Program.
  • Over the course of the season, the Artistic Director also seeks to elevate Ensemble Members who have shown above and beyond dedication to the company to the post of Artistic Associate, where they will serve also as part of our Play Selection Committee.

Member Benefits

  • All artists in the Ensemble are considered an Ensemble Member for that season. Should the artist and Jobsite agree to continue the relationship, the artist will be considered an Ensemble Member thereafter.
  • All Ensemble Members are expected to direct active involvement in at least one production per season.
  • Ensemble Members are encouraged to audition for all open roles beyond pre-cast roles and will typically be given the opportunity to audition prior to the general public.
  • Ensemble Members are eligible for free and discounted tickets to Jobsite shows, as well as other area events and attractions as they become available.
  • Ensemble Members will be given first consideration through the season should a casting consideration present itself.
  • Ensemble Members may take advantage of and are given priority in other Jobsite production opportunities apart from their specific designation.
  • Ensemble Members may utilize the Ensemble network to announce other projects they may be working on.
  • Ensemble Members may petition the Artistic Director for company support of staged readings, additional workshops or showcases for Ensemble Members. Jobsite will make every reasonable effort to accommodate an Ensemble Member’s projects, including assisting with any necessary rights, rehearsal and performance space, and publicity.
  • Jobsite will help Ensemble Members in their professional pursuit of their careers in whatever way they can. Jobsite is and will always be an artist’s company.

Member Responsibilities

  • Act as a community ambassador for Jobsite.
  • Ensemble Members are expected to actively participate in at least one Jobsite mainstage production per season.
  • Ensemble Members are encouraged to publicize and attend every production. In addition to any comp tickets offered, special complimentary or reduced price tickets may be issued to Ensemble Members in order to publicize productions and promote audience development.
  • Ensemble Members are expected to maintain an exemplary level of professionalism within the context of any Jobsite function and must obey the policies set forth in any company handbook or set of rules and regulations provided.
  • Ensemble Members are in no way restricted from working with another company, provided there is no conflict with contracted Ensemble duties.