Artistic Associates

Jobsite Theater was started as an artist’s company comprised of five artists who also served as the company’s Board of Directors. It was critical in our formative years to ensure that decisions were being made that served the art and our artists to the end of creating an artistic home, and not just a company dedicated to the production of a commodity.

As the company has grown and developed a strong independent identity, our needs have also grown. Our Board of Directors now focuses on development of the company: financially, and in regard to our audience and community. With this move we have also distinguished the roles of our core artists who are central to our artistic mission in an effort to maintain our commitment to being an artist–run company.

Jobsite Theater’s Artistic Associates, under the direction of the Producing Artistic Director, are the stewards of that artistic mission and comprise the decision making body in regard to artistic production. Artistic Associates have been identified within our ensemble and carry the honorary title to note their talents and dedication to the company across all areas of production. Jobsite Artistic Associates comprise the democratic play selection committee that reads, discusses, and chooses the mainstage season, but act as artistic leaders in stewarding our second stage efforts under the umbrella of our Job-side program.

Past Associates

  • Mike Caban
  • Chris “Dickie” Corley
  • Jason Evans
  • Alan Fessenden
  • Kari Goetz
  • Ranney
  • John Lott
  • Christen Petitt Hailey
  • Paul Reller
  • Ami Sallee