Grimm’s Faery Tales


Directed by Kari Goetz and Katrina Stevenson

Aug. 11 – 27, 2006

Fri. – Sat. 8pm, Sun. 4pm

Tickets: $18.50

Shimberg Playhouse, Straz Center for the Performing Arts

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Don’t let the cute title fool you! Grimm’s Faery Tales is an adult evening of sketch comedy in the style of Monty Python, Kids in the Hall and Jobsite’s franchise of (abridged) productions. It’s even a little like Saturday Night Live, but without the suck.

The surprising result of taking these well known stories and giving them a modern spin is realizing that the human race is still just as sick, twisted and wrong as when the Brothers Grimm compiled the tales. The only modern thing missing from Snow White is a webcam.

(L-R) Shawn Paonessa, Jason Evans, David M. Jenkins and Summer Bohnenkamp in Jobsite's Grimm's Faery Tales. (Photo by Brian Smallheer.)This satirical approach to the material ensures that you will never see the beloved stories of your youth the same way again. You can thank Jobsite for that – the same people who have been making you simultaneously think and feel icky since 1998!

Rarely can you tackle the tough issues of gay marriage, the war in Iraq, nuclear proliferation and the AIDS crisis in Africa – so we didn’t. We do however have a magical bear who doodies in the woods. Judging by the current social climate, that should be just about right.

“Oh, and just in case you were worried, the bear goes to church every Sunday and hates the devil,” beams writer/actor Kari Goetz.

Jobsite has assembled a comedy superteam of unparalleled awesomeness for this final show of their 2005–06 season. Nine ensemble members with an extensive knowledge of sketch comedy contributed to the writing of the show.

The first public read-through of the material was a who’s-who of all wacky things Jobsite: Tampa’s original “Bad Boys of Abridgement” and their fearless director/costumer/prop wrangler; both writers and director of The March of the Kitefliers; and company members from Jobsite’s productions of A Girl’s Guide to Chaos, Phyro-Giants!, Cloud Nine and The Mineola Twins.

Grimm’s Faery Tales represents the 8th original work completely created by and for Bay area audiences while being fully produced as part of a mainstage season. Last season’s The March of the Kitefliers was Jobsite’s most successful original work to date, so much so that Jobsite will bring it back to the mainstage in the 06-07 season. Jobsite has similarly high hopes for Grimm’s Faery Tales. If it proves as much of a hit, the company can look to bring it back for encore weekends or possibly tour it elsewhere across the state.

Age recommendation


Grimm’s Faery Tales, a sketch comedy-style reinvention of its classic source, has a lot going for it: a talented cast, some inspired antics, even entertaining program notes. If you enjoyed the company’s (abridged) shows – Shakespeare, the Bible, American history – you will be amused by Grimm’s.” – The Tampa Tribune

“The actors… all work at highest energy and damn the torpedoes.” – Weekly Planet

Cast & Crew

  • Kari Goetz – Co-director


  • Summer Bohnenkamp
  • Jason Evans
  • Kari Goetz
  • David M. Jenkins
  • Shawn Paonessa
  • Roz Potenza
  • Katrina Stevenson – Co-director


  • Jason Evans
  • Neil Gobioff
  • Kari Goetz
  • David M. Jenkins
  • Shawn Paonessa
  • Roz Potenza
  • Katrina Stevenson


  • Brian M. Smallheer – Set & Light Designer
  • Katrina Stevenson – Costume and Props Designer

Patron Reviews

“Han Solo, Hanson, Hamlet and a cast of several plumb the jungian depths of a smattering of the Brother’s Grimm Faery/Fairy tales in a raucous, humorous Joycian stream of consciousness ride including the always dangerous audience participation. Some tales familiar, some tales unknown, some better left unknown. All treated with equal disrespect by the cast. And some damn fine cookies too! Nobody looks more attractive tossing her cookies than Kari!” – Anonymous

“I saw your commercial last night on Comedy Central. lol. I almost spit milk from my nose … and well, I wasn’t drinking milk.” – Craig Redgrave

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