Best. Audience. Ever. Plus – Sticks of Fire, talback night at Grimm’s

Last night was far and away the best audience we’ve had. They were primarily a young (18-35) crowd, smart, and they came to laugh. What a great feeling.

I had no idea it would go that well. One of the cast members was having some “stomach issues” prior to the show and another showed up to call with a pretty badly tweaked neck. We ended up changing a few things before the show started (and a few more backstage during the course of the run) to minimize more damage, but honestly you’d hardly have noticed anyone wasn’t at 100%.

So if you were there last night – THANK YOU. Do you have any friends you could tell and make them come next weekend? We want more crowds like YOU. You guys just rocked.

And an audience can make all the difference in the world with a show like this.

In other news, don’t forget that today’s show is sponsored by Sticks of Fire, and the guru himself will be there in attendance. We also have a talkback immediately following the show, where anyone in the audience can ask whatever sort of questions they’d like in regards to the piece, the process or the company. Don’t forget – if you’re a student, senior or in the military – you can get a half-off ticket (only $9.25) as of 2:30 today at the window. Cash only.

See you there?


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