Jobsite Quicky: Cookies and Milk!

Thanks to all of you who came out to Grimm’s Fairy Tales to give us such great opening weekend performances!

Were you not able to make it or were you turned away at the door? We still have two more weekends! Please join us! For complete info on the show visit

Some recent comments:

“I saw your commercial last night on Comedy Central. lol. I almost spit milk from my nose … and well, I wasn’t drinking milk.” – Craig Redgrave, via email

Han Solo, Hanson, Hamlet and a cast of several plumb the jungian depths of a smattering of the Brother’s Grimm Faery/Fairy tales in a raucous, humorous Joycian stream of consciousness ride including the always dangerous audience participation. Some tales familiar, some tales unknown, some better left unknown. All treated with equal disrespect by the cast … Nobody looks more attractive tossing her cookies than Kari!” – Anonymous, via blog

Single tickets to all of our shows for the 0607 season go on sale tomorrow at noon! Call 813.229.STAR or visit us at Tickets for our 9/11 encore of The Guys are also on sale now.

We’re also very happy to have a running order and confirmation on all of the bands playing Jobsite Rocks III at New World Brewery. Join us for Nessie, The Vodkanauts and Weapons of Ass Destruction – not to mention one of the best raffles in town! Doors at 8pm on 9/16. $6 minimum donation. First raffle prizes will be drawn at 9pm, and Nessie takes the stage at 9:30pm. Rock out!!!

And – this is your last chance to vote Jobsite as Best Theater Company in Weekly Planet’s Best of the Bay polls. Get your vote in by Friday!!!

Hope to see you all soon!


2 thoughts on “Jobsite Quicky: Cookies and Milk!

  1. You elided me, omg!

    I hope I get those parts back someday, I might need them.

    Ohhhh, this is worse than my vasectomy.

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