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When you realize how little fear you have of looking like an ass.

Just go watch this commercial.

Yeah, it sounded great on paper: A TV commercial for Grimm’s Faery Tales that capitalized on the goofy costumes we wore in the photo shoot (after all – everyone’s been running the photos), also blatantly ripping off the Clerks 2 spot (which was after all a rip-off of Silence of the Lambs) which somehow also has a taste of Jack and Sam (the charcaters Shawn and I play in Kitefliers) and finally toss in a dash of Dave Chappelle at the end.

Maybe noe the reality that this is going to be broadcast in 1 million some-odd households over the next two weeks that has me a bit creeped out.

Screw it, I figure anyone watching that commerical that time of night on those networks is high or otherwise has a nice buzz tied on. And I doubt anyone can say they’ve ever seen a commercial for any theater show in town like THAT before.


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