Ami Sallee

Ami Sallee made her Jobsite debut in 2000 dancing with a butterball turkey and some 23 productions later was last seen as a singing nun in 2010. Sallee is a graduate of Saint Leo College (now University) and The University of South Florida and has studied performance and directing at NMSU-A and Valdosta State University. Spending most of her professional life as a freelance theater artist, Sallee has performed and/or directed in several states along the east coast and locally with All Out Rep, American Stage, ETC, Gorilla Theatre, Hat Trick Theatre, Jobsite Theater, Stageworks Theatre and The University of Tampa. A former board member and managing director for both Jobsite Theater and All Out Rep, Sallee was recently named president of the board for Gorilla Theatre and continues to serve on the board for Silver Meteor Gallery where she, like many Tampa theater artists, made her professional debut as director/producer. As part of her freelance career, she was on the ground floor (the basement, really) when The Dr. Pallavi Patel Performing Arts Conservatory was built and after finishing her 10th season with Patel this summer, Ms. Sallee is excited to step back into the freelance world once again to focus on her professional work and continue her certification in Playback Theatre.

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