Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night

By William Shakespeare

Directed by David M. Jenkins

Jan. 17 – Feb. 11, 2024

Jaeb Theater, Straz Center for the Performing Arts

Single tickets start at $20.

Preview tickets start at $25.

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7:30 PM: Twelfth Night – Preview

Jan. 17, 2024

Tickets: $25+

7:30 PM: Twelfth Night – Preview

Jan. 18, 2024

Tickets: $25+

7:30 PM: Twelfth Night – Opening Night

Jan. 19, 2024

Tickets start at $20

7:30 PM: Twelfth Night

Jan. 20, 2024

Tickets start at $20

2:00 PM: Twelfth Night

Jan. 21, 2024

Tickets start at $20

Jan. 22, 2024
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Jan. 24, 2024

7:30 PM: Twelfth Night

Jan. 25, 2024

Tickets start at $20

7:30 PM: Twelfth Night

Jan. 26, 2024

Tickets start at $20

7:30 PM: Twelfth Night

Jan. 27, 2024

Tickets start at $20

2:00 PM: Twelfth Night

Jan. 28, 2024

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7:30 PM: Twelfth Night

Feb. 1, 2024

Tickets start at $20

7:30 PM: Twelfth Night

Feb. 2, 2024

Tickets start at $20

7:30 PM: Twelfth Night

Feb. 3, 2024

Tickets start at $20

Curtain Time Changes

All evening performances are now at 7:30pm and matinees are at 2pm.


Broadway World

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What It's About

“If music be the food of love, play on!” Jobsite’s Shakespeare tradition has become an annual centerpiece of the region’s cultural offerings. “No one ‘Rocks the Bard’ as hard, as daring, or as relevant as Jobsite and their players,” according to BroadwayWorld. A five-time finalist for the NEA’s Shakespeare in American Communities Award, Jobsite’s takes on Shakespeare have proven time and again to be exciting, “must-see” experiences.

In this joyous, rollicking comedy with music (composed by our award-winning wunderkind Jeremy Douglass), a hurricane forces a shipwreck and young Viola believes her twin brother drowned. Determined to survive on her own, she takes on a disguise to explore this mysterious land. Thus begins a whirlwind of mistaken identity and unrequited love. This festive entertainment brims with wild infatuations, swooning serenades, drunken high-jinks, and beloved characters.

Jobsite fans may recall an award-winning staging of this play in the Shimberg Playhouse some 10 years ago, but rest assured this will be an all-new production in the Jaeb Theater.

Student Matinees

Weekday field trip matinees for school students are available starting Jan. 23,. All groups attending field trips are offered custom study guides and visits from teaching artists before and after the show. Please call 813.222.1016 or write to learn more. All field trip dates are filling fast and the booking deadline is Dec. 15.

Production History

Jobsite first produced Twelfth Night, directed by David M. Jenkins, in the Shimberg Playhouse Jan. 7 – Feb. 1, 2015, when it earned a BroadwayWorld award for Best Performances of the Decade – Giles Davies and a Creative Loafing award for Best Costume Designer – Bailee Booser.

Critic Reviews

A truly magical evening at the theatre … the perfect date night out. From top to bottom this cast is exquisite in comedic timing and bravura. – BroadwayWorld

2015 Critic Reviews

Twelfth Night delivers laughs, quality ... [Jobsite] decided to kick reverence in the butt and have some dirty, rollicking, snickering, drunken fun. Friday night’s audience did, much in the way Elizabethan crowds must have roared with laughter ... Shakespeare did more than toast the aristocrats of his day. He had to play to the pit, the rowdy everyday folks who paid pennies to stand in the theater to watch the play. Directed with split-second precision and excellent timing [this production] keeps the carousing but does not lose the poetry and melancholy. – Tampa Tribune

[Twelfth Night] succeeds ... There is much gamboling, capering and stumbling about. There are pantomimed puns, often of the vulgar variety. And there is the colorful spectacle of a self-important man making an absolute fool of himself. Any of this would amuse the most casual observer ... [the] decision to set the play in Ybor during the Roaring '20s gives nice flavor. – Tampa Bay Times

Twelfth Night delights ... I believe that it's very easy to screw up Shakespeare ... I'm prepared to lose friends as I type this, but I'm actually not a huge of Will S. ... in the past I'd spend so much time sifting through and interpreting the language, that the overall impact of the story was lost. However, this production seemed covertly aimed at changing my mind. The 13 member cast had a sense of comfort with the words that allowed me to lose myself story. To my surprise, I was understanding the plot without having read to synopsis ... Friday night I had greatness thrust upon me. – BroadwayWorld

... do not miss this astounding performance. If you still don't understand the treasure that we have with Mr. Davies, then it's time to find out ... Davies gives his all as Malvolio and creates one of the area's most memorable star turns of recent years. This is an eye-popping, slam dunk of a performance ... It has so many different levels and is a perfect starting point in your bard adventures if you've never had the pleasure of seeing a Shakespeare play. The production at Jobsite Theater is first rate. Aside from the untouchable Davies, you have several of our area's best performers at the top of their game ... [it] needs to quickly be added to the top of your calendar of things to do in the Bay Area. – BroadwayWorld

There are no weak links in Jobsite Theater’s Twelfth Night. This extraordinary production features one terrific performance after the next, and shines a clear light on Shakespeare’s classic ... Outstanding work ... I suggest you see it while you can. – Creative Loafing

The lick of local Tampa flavor, the cast's convincing character acting, and the obvious love and attention put into making the classic into Jobsite's own production combine in a tour de force of theater you would be loath to miss.... – The Sunlit Tome


Cast & Crew

  • David M. Jenkins – Director


  • Cornelio Aguilera – Antonio
  • Giles Davies – Orsino
  • Landon Green – Curio
  • Kathryn Huettel – Fabian
  • Roxanne Fay – Feste
  • Noa Friedman – Viola
  • Shaun Memmel – Valentine
  • Newt Rametta – Sebastian
  • Ami Sallee – Maria
  • Jared Sellick – Sir Andrew Aguecheek
  • Nicole Jeannine Smith – Olivia
  • Jim Wicker – Sir Toby Belch
  • Katherine Yacko – Malvolio


  • Jo Averill-Snell – Lighting Designer
  • Teah Banks – Properties
  • Giles Davies – Text Coach
  • Jeremy Douglass – Composer, Stage Manager
  • Skylar Jay – Scenic Artist
  • Brian Smallheer – Scenic Designer
  • Katrina Stevenson – Costume Designer

2015 Cast & Crew

  • David M. Jenkins – Director
  • Matthew Ray – Stage Manager


  • Ned Averill-Snell – Sir Toby
  • Giles Davies – Malvolio
  • Jason Evans – Captain / Fabian
  • Roxanne Fay – Feste
  • Eddie Gomez – Valentine
  • Chris Holcom – Duke Orsino
  • Nick Hoop – Sebastian
  • Jamie Jones – Sir Andrew
  • Michael McGreevy – Antonio
  • Spencer Meyers – Curio / Priest
  • Maggie Phillips – Viola
  • Ami Sallee – Mariah
  • Katrina Stevenson – Olivia


  • Bailee Booser – Costume Designer
  • Tiffany Daiber – Asst. Stage Manager
  • Jordan Foote – Assistant Director
  • David M. Jenkins – Sound Designer
  • Jana Jones – Music Composer
  • Kaylin Gess – Lighting Designer
  • Brian Smallheer – Scenic Designer

Patron Reviews

Great Show. Sandy & I loved it. – Petrus Antonius

The show was awesome! The cast was well balanced, funny, passionate and talented! Excellent work everyone! The set and lighting was gorgeous! Glad to squeeze in a full Shakespeare play with all of you now that I can’t experience it with my students. Keep it going! – Tonita Melendez

Amazing performance! Loved it!!! – @megrat7

A lot of laughs, an amazing time, successful girls night! – @ohmyshaz

Another great show, team. – Chris Wilkerson

I am at this preview and it is fantastic!
You guys just slay Shakespeare! Y’all did it again Jobsite! #NoHoldsBard – Justin Carr

Thank you for the wonderful theater you bring to Tampa. I brought a guest from Miami and he loved it. The songs were magnificent and the singing so rich. – Meghan Borysova

Fantastic!! I want to see it a 2nd time. So great!!! – @johnnyjedi

A cast of stars! ALL STARS DO WHAT ALL STARS DO! – JL Rey

In typical Jobsite fashion, it was perfectly cast & beautifully acted. I forgot what a bizarre storyline this one was! ❤️ – Amanda DeCort

I saw Twelfth Night on its opening night and I cannot praise this performance enough. Twelfth Night is my absolute favorite play, and this one honestly may be one of my favorite renditions of it. Each actor truly felt like the perfect fit for their role and embodied the characters well. I especially loved the decision in casting Malvolio as a female, it brought such a fresh take on the character and I loved the additional layers it adds to the play. I also adored it when Feste sang the final song and all the characters were passing through in the background to kind of imply what happens with them post play. I mean really I’m at a loss of words with how much I loved this. The whole thing just oozed with talent and I can tell each person that took part of this is so passionate about what they do. It brought me so much joy that I’m typing this 3 in the morning 😂.png – Madison Berrocal

Roxanne sings! Cesario (Noa) engages. Yacko is wacko. Ending surprises. I rate this play, 5 Golden Rings! – Peter Terzian

Caught the Sunday matinee. Super impressive, hysterically funny. – Sanford Betz

We were there opening night and it was fantastic as always. – Joy Carnahan

Great performance! – Donna Marie

What a fun show! – Cindy Glidden-Tracy

If another company comes along proffering Shakespeare, they’ll have to check in with Jobsite first. Thanks so much for performing the Bard so well. – Brian Kelly

Jamie and I found Twelfth Night to be an excellent, thoroughly entertaining production. The artists’ performances were captivating and the chemistry among them was exceptionally good. – Tony Mutchler

We were so impressed with the casting! Both of us honestly thought you had cast only one person for the twins, and couldn’t figure out how you were going to pull off the final scene. Amazing how much those two look alike when you dress them the same. – Clare and Alvin Jenkins

The show was great, and the actors were brilliant! We had to change our tickets from opening night to yesterday’s matinee, and I must say that both David and Katrina did beautifully standing in for their fellow actors. That being said, Roxanne Fay was completely captivating as Feste. It was impossible to take my eyes off of her, and that voice … WOW! Another great job, and adaptation of the Bard’s work, by the Jobsite Theater. 🎭 – Susanne Dockery

the whole cast was amazing … a fabulous show – bravo 👏 – Stephanie Arthur Tannen

Great show … wonderfully funny … and that playwright sure knows how to write!! – Hal Freedman

Our students had SUCH a great time and did a lot of raving about the play! So many of them were asking questions on the bus ride home, many Googling their questions so they could see further research and analysis of the characters/themes, a group even asked if we have copies of it on our campus so they could read it in full on their own … It was truly an experience that, as they say, “filled my cup”!
For so many of our students, these Shakespearean plays are their only experience with professional theatre, and for many of them it is also their first play to boot. I told them that the show was available for the general public too and mentioned ticket prices, and some were hopeful that seeing professional theatre was more attainable than they ever thought it could be.
So, in short, it was just wonderful (it always is)! And I am so grateful we are able to bring our students to see Shakespeare come to life in such a magical way. We just wanted to say thank you, and thank your amazing actors and production crew as well!
Truly looking forward to next year! – Anclote High School

2015 Patron Reviews

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your production of Twelfth Night. Aside from my deepest admiration for Katrina, Roxanne and Giles – it was just a wonderfully well done show. In the past, I’ve been familiar with the play, this time however, I only knew the basic plot points (having not read this piece of Shakespeare) and I must say, I was most impressed by how easy it was to become completely immersed in the story. I credit not only the unique change of time and place but also the talent of your cast to take the Bard’s prose and turn it into a something I believe any one could understand and easily follow. Thank you for not only continuing to present high quality works of theatre but for taking such a fresh approach to Shakespeare. Bravo to the entire cast and crew!!! – A Jobsite fan

What an amazing show… Props to the cast and crew. Congratulations! You should all be so proud. – Vinnie Natale

Saw Jobsite’s production of Twelfth Night last night and all I can say is wow! The cast is amazing, the set is fantastic and it is laugh out loud funny. Go see this. – Kim Smallheer

Went to see Jobsite’s production of Twelfth Night last evening. It was hilariously entertaining. Giles Davies’ self-loving Malvolio was played to perfection. His physical transformation from the stiff and proper puritanical servant to a delusional raving maniac was brilliant. Equally impressive was Roxanne Fay’s Feste. Superbly playing the fool who is conspicuously wiser than the rest of Illyria. A wonderful evening of laughs await those who attend. – Robert Colwell

Was fantastic! We had a blast! – Brittany Hickman

Wonderful production!! The entire experience was fabulous!! Kudos – Angel Borths

A whole lotta moving parts, handled deftly by director and cast, with plenty of delightful bits of business for every character. Kudos, one and all! Additional fun for me was hearing some of the bits that were lifted for use in the Return To The Forbidden Planet script in their original context. – Mark Warren

Fell in love with Jobsite Theater’s Twelfth Night. Flawless production. Congratulations to the absolutely marvelous cast and crew. What a gem. – Lauren Field

Thank you for the wonderful evening at Home Resource in Sarasota. Fantastic production. We loved it. – Patti O’Berg

What a delightful show! You guys were all so amazing! I really loved it so much, and I would love to see it again! Thank you for a wonderful evening of theatre. – Jade Ashlee Rivera

Was fantastic! We had a blast! – Brittany Hickman

Saw Twelfth Night @jobsitetheater last night and laughed my face off. If you’re in the Tampa area, do NOT miss this show, it ends 2/1. Go! – @lisah

Oh My God it is Fantastic Theatre!!! Please go see Twelfth Night At Jobsite! A better cast or production you will not find in the Bay Area! SEE IT!!!!!!! – Kay Pearson

Cannot remember when I last laughed so hard in the theater! – Susan Oliver

As a birthday gift I was lucky enough to be asked to join & treated to Jobsite’s performance of Twelfth Night opening performance last night by a long time friend & one of the areas great actors & director’s Vinnie Natale & his family. The show was in my opinion one of the areas best performed shows I’ve seen in years in Tampa Bay … that wasn’t flown in! Practically flawless performances by All Actors. When asked by someone what did I think of the “lead’s” performance I replied which one? This acting troupe All became One to provide some of the best theater I’ve seen in this area in years. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy a night out with Shakespeare & Jobsite’s performance of Twelfth Night – Gail Pierce, Village Players

Don’t even think about not going to see Giles Davies in Jobsite theater’s production of Twelfth Night. It hilarious! Great cast great direction! Must see! – Melissa Misener

It is a fabulous show! Go see it before it’s gone. – Stewart Hansell

I went to see Twelfth Night on Sunday – great show and everybody was awesome – great show! – Katerina Czech

It is a wonderfully entertaining production with a superb cast! – Mary Ann Keller

If you are looking for something [to] do, checkout the Jobsite Theater’s Twelfth Night starring Dogma adopter Katrina Stevenson (Tink’s mom) and directed by Dogma adopter David Jenkins (Scout & Arya’s dad)! It is SO MUCH FUN!!! We are so lucky to have such talented local theater group in Tampa and have them be apart of our Dogma family! – Dogma Pet Rescue

Finally got to see Jobsite Theater’s Twelfth Night last night! Congrats to all involved – I loved every minute! (Also really cool to see tons of youths in the audience eating up Shakespeare!) What a wonderful production! – Zachary Hines

I’m so glad I got to see Jobsite’s Twelfth Night last night! Shakespeare done right by a fabulously talented team! Tonight/tomorrow are sold out so catch the final performance Sunday! – Colleen Cherry

Wonderful production!! The entire experience was fabulous!! Kudos – Angel Borths

@jobsitetheater did a great job with Twelfth Night – super funny, well set, & great casting. Many literal lol’s were had. #downtowntampa – @ladriaan

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