Christen Hailey

Christen Hailey is a rare breed of Florida native who lives in the unfashionable northwestern spiral of Seminole Heights with her handsome computery husband who has recently grown his hair out to dirt rocker length. She enjoys writing horrifyingly obscene plays and exceptionally raunchy sketch comedy. In her spare time she runs with a vicious gang called The Birches, who like to go camping and race golf carts through haunted forests while swilling champagne. She is currently doing grad work in eleventh century sea shanties. During the day, she is the Fixer for a reclusive rich dude who owns a record label. Watch her latest great work, Sexo y Violencia: The Secret History of Tampa, the unbelievably truish story of Teddy Roosevelt, the Lair of the White Weasel, and the rise of the Secret Monarchs. Fuck around and find out! #FAFO.

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