One From The Vaults

Like most live arts and entertainment outlets we’re still adjusting to not being able to do the one thing that makes us, well, us: bringing people together for a collective experience. Nothing can replace the dynamic, emergent, and communal magic of a live event but in a time like this we need to adapt in order to find ways to bring people “together” and share stories.

In One From the Vaults, we offer clips from past performances as well as personal stories from our artists about their favorite moments and experiences working with us on some of our most iconic productions.

Currently in this series you’ll find clips of shows like The Threepenny Opera, Annapurna, Vampire Lesbians of Sodom, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, HIR, and personal entries from Paul Potenza, Amy E. Gray, Spencer Meyers, and Salem “Newt” Brophy. We’ve also added a few looks back to shows like The Maids and boom! with review reels that feature show footage and quotes from the press.

We Need You

If you enjoy this content while the theater is shut down, we urge you to leave us a “tip” by donating any amount whatsoever. Every $1 counts at a time like this. Whatever we raise now while we cannot earn from ticket sales (where 65% of our annual revenue comes from) will help ensure that once we can re-open that we won’t skip a beat.

The Maids Review Reel produced Jean Genet’s The Maids in 2016 to great acclaim including a Best of the Bay Award from Creative Loafing. Georgia Mallory Guy, Roxanne

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