Jobsite claims 36 Theatre Tampa Bay nominations!

We are honored to have received 36 Theatre Tampa Bay nominations for the work on our stage during the 2016-17 season. TTB is the regional league of professional theaters for the area. Congrats to all of the nominees! Here’s what the panel of 10 judges took note of this year from Jobsite. Each show in the 16-17 season managed at least one nomination, with the most heavily nominated being a tie of 9 each for A Skull in Connemara and Gloucester Blue.

Outstanding Featured Actor, Play <$500K
• David M. Jenkins, A Skull in Connemara
• Landon Green, Gloucester Blue

Outstanding Featured Actress, Play <$500K
• Diana Fye Rogers, A Skull in Connemara
• Roxanne M Fay, As You Like It

Outstanding Sound Design <$500K
• David M. Jenkins, Gloucester Blue
• Gavin Hawk, Cloud 9

Outstanding Costume Design <$500K
• Katrina Stevenson, Cloud 9
• Katrina Stevenson, A Skull in Connemara
• Katrina Stevenson, The Underpants

Outstanding Lighting Design <$500K
• Reuben Hirsch, LIZZIE
• Ryan Finzelber, Gloucester Blue
• Ryan Finzelber, A Skull in Connemara

Outstanding Set Design <$500K
• Brian Smallheer, Gloucester Blue
• Brian Smallheer, A Skull in Connemara

Outstanding Choreography/Fight Direction <$500K
• Dan Granke, A Skull in Connemara

Outstanding Lead Actor, Play <$500K
• Brian Shea, A Skull in Connemara
• David M. Jenkins, Cloud 9
• Giles Davies, Cloud 9
• Ned Averill-Snell, Gloucester Blue

Outstanding Lead Actress, Play <$500K
• Georgia Mallory Guy, Gloucester Blue
• Katrina Stevenson, Cloud 9
• Nicole Jeannine Smith, The Underpants

Outstanding Lead Actress, Musical <$500K
• Christina Jane Capehart – LIZZIE
• Fo’i Meleah – LIZZIE

Outstanding Musical Director <$500K
• Jeremy Douglass, LIZZIE

Outstanding Director, Musical <$500K
• David M. Jenkins, LIZZIE

Outstanding Director, Play <$500K
• Gavin Hawk, Cloud 9
• Paul J. Potenza, A Skull in Connemara

Outstanding Ensemble, Play <$500K
• Cloud 9
• Gloucester Blue
• A Skull in Connemara
• The Underpants

Outstanding Production, Musical <$500K

Outstanding Production, Play <$500K
• A Skull In Connemara
• Cloud 9
• Gloucester Blue


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