Henry V

By William Shakespeare

Directed by David M. Jenkins

Apr. 9 – 25, 2021

Preview Performances: Apr. 7 – 8

Jaeb Theater, Straz Center for the Performing Arts

Creative Loafing Best of the Bay Nominated

Nothing from Tue., Mar. 2, 2021 to Mon., Mar. 8, 2021.

What It’s About

England’s in tumult and who ascends the throne but playboy prince Hal—an untested royal who spent his youth slumming around London. Now crowned King Henry V, he must win the respect of a nation and lead his country to greatness in an epic battle with archnemesis France. Henry gathers his troops and marches abroad only to find himself outmanned, outgunned and outmatched. In the face of death, Henry must also face himself. Can he become the king his country needs?

In the annual season tradition, Jobsite reboots Shakespeare for modern times, taking Henry’s timeless tale and setting it to an original, blistering industrial score. High-def video transforms Shakespeare’s work into a modern, mesmerizing spectacle of tension, nationalism and excitement.

In lieu of weekday field trip matinees for middle and high school students this year we are making the show available as a two-part video stream, ready to be shown in your classroom! This is a professionally-shot, multi-camera video of the play performed in front of a live audience. All groups booking the filmed play are given custom study guides and the ability to have virtual visits from teaching artists both before and after your show. Additional opportunities are available upon request.

a gripping story of suspicion cast on a priest’s behavior that is less about scandal than about fascinatingly nuanced questions of moral certainty. – Variety
Blunt yet subtle, manipulative but full of empathy for all sides, the play is set in 1964 but could not be more timely ... passionate, exquisite, important and engrossing. – NY Newsday
Here, for the first time in a long time, is a play that is about something.​ – Chicago Tribune
An eloquent and provocative investigation of truth and consequences. A gripping mystery, tightly written. – Time Out New York

Why You Should See It

A major award-winning play by one of the country’s most celebrated playwrights featuring regional powerhouses? Do we even need to offer more than that? Director Summer Bohnenkamp has helmed some of the most critically-acclaimed productions in recent Jobsite history, so she not only has good taste but the skills to back it up. We also promise you that this show will have you talking LONG after you leave the theater. Did he do it? Was she right? Do you have doubts about either or both? Very few plays walk a line like this one does. We promise you won’t be able to take your eyes off of it.

Why We Picked It

This was another Jobsite no-brainer – it suits all of our strengths and what audiences love about our contemporary work. The roles of Sister Aloysius and Father Flynn are among the meatiest in contemporary theater. Mrs. Muller may only have one extended scene, but it will simply knock you off your socks. Sister James is the audience’s conscience. The last play we produced that probably packed it all in and generates as much discussion among an audience was likely David Mamet’s Race. This play, when performed right, should leave you with the same doubt referred to in the title. We all have our doubts, doubt is perhaps the most powerful human state. John Patrick Shanley says, “The beginning of change is Doubt. It is that crucial moment when I renew my humanity or become a lie.”

From the playwright

“Doubt requires more courage than conviction does, and more energy; because conviction is a resting place and doubt is infinite — it is a passionate exercise. You may come out of my play uncertain. You may want to be sure. Look down on that feeling. We’ve got to learn to live with a full measure of uncertainty. There is no last word. That’s the silence under the chatter of our time.” – John Patrick Shanley

This play is dedicated to the many orders of Catholic nuns who have devoted their lives to serving others in hospitals, schools and retirement homes. Though they have been much maligned and ridiculed, who among us has been so generous?

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Jobsite offers special ticket discounts for group ticket sales and for special members of the community (military, seniors, etc.)

Jobsite Theater does not offer advisories about subject matter, as sensitivities vary from person to person. If you have any questions about content, age-appropriateness or stage effects (such as strobe lights or theatrical fog) that might have a bearing on patron comfort, please contact us by email or phone at 813.476.7378.

Single ticket prices listed ($29.50) are base-line prices. Prices for individual performances will increase based on demand​.


Roxanne Fay in Jobsite's Doubt: A Parable. (Photos: Pritchard Photography)

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Cast & Crew

  • David M. Jenkins – Director
  • Brian Smallheer – Technical Director


  • Cornelio Aguilera – Bishop of Ely, Gray, King Charles of France, Gower, La Fer
  • Ned Averill-Snell – Exeter, Orleans, Erpingham, Macmorris
  • Roxanne Fay – Pistol, Bishop of Canterbury, Alice, Governor of Harfleur
  • Lizzie Kehoe – Fluellen, Katherine, Boy, Cambridge
  • Brian Shea – Westmorland, Bardolph, Constable, Williams
  • Kara Sotakoun – Hostess Quickly, Montjoy, Scroop, Jamy
  • Katrina Stevenson – Gloucester, Nym, Dauphin, Burgundy
  • Adam Workman – Henry, King of England


  • Jo Averill-Snell – Lighting Designer
  • Giles Davies – Text Coach and Associate Director
  • Jeremy Douglass – Composer
  • David M. Jenkins – Video Designer
  • Chloe Mastro – Scenic Artist
  • Tea Christina Roberts – Scenic Artist
  • Brian Smallheer – Scenic Designer
  • Katrina Stevenson – Costume Designer

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