Tribune review of This is How it Goes

Check out the glowing review of Neil LaBute’s This is How it Goes. It’s online today, looks like it will be in the print version tomorrow.

As we do, we’ve distilled a pull-out quote for our PR use:

“It is edgy, challenging, profane, violent and raw, sometimes offensive, sometimes shocking, but always, always riveting … This is actors’ theater at its best and exciting to watch.”

I honestly don’t know if I could have asked for a better review. Now I need to cross fingers that people actually notice the story buried in the Monday paper (or that they see it like I did online today) and that they come out. It’s a fantastic show.

Just about nothing upsets me more than seeing great theater being performed to undersized audiences. At least we know that next year we will completely avoid Gasparilla and the SuperBowl with all of our programming. We’ve never had a problem with this season in the past, but after two years of taking it pretty hard in otherwise highly successful seasons, we have to pay attention and do what we need to in order to best set ourselves up for success.

This is How it Goes has two more weekends. Including today’s 4p matinee – that’s 9 shows. All the Great Books (abridged) plays just 3 more times – today at 7, then next Friday at 10 and Sunday at 7. We could use help geting butts in seats for all of them.

Please help spread the word. Make plans to come out yourself if you haven’t. Theater’s created to be seen.

Hope to see you soon.


One thought on “Tribune review of This is How it Goes

  1. Probably a good idea to surrender to Superbowl/Gasparilla. People are either at Gasparilla, or aren’t going to come downtown so they avoid the happenings.

    It’s an unfortunate nod to the realities of the marketplace to avoid this time of year, but easier than immediately changing the culture of the city.

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