Jobsite secrets …

Shhh … don’t tell anyone …

Secrets are safe on The Internets, right?

  • We had our final play selection meeting last night for the 07-08 season, and voted our choices into effect. No, I’m telling those secrets yet. Patience, young Jedi.
  • I can tell you though that we will have a 6-show mainstage season, down from 7 this year – as we’ll be dropping the late night show from the season ticket. It also reduces the commitment people have to make to be a subscriber.
  • Every play has a “big name author.” Two are by playwrights we’ve produced before.
  • Three shows will be regional US premieres, two others are contemporary classics and one is a lost gem being given new life. Two will also likely feature live music.
  • We hope to raise the bar of our Job-side Projects by producing at least two one-person shows by prominent Ensemble Members, at least one of which will be a late-night undertaking for our more rowdy crowd. Subscribers will get a big fat discount to these add-ons.
  • We’re also moving to one simple price for all shows – which also means one simple season ticket price, and all shows will run Thu. – Sun. We’re hoping to make everything as simple and consistent as possible to get people used to coming to see us, and hope that they buy season tickets.
  • Current season ticket holders can expect a renewal notice in the mail during the first two weeks of March, and we’ll make public announcements during the opening weekend of The March of the Kitefliers. We’ll likely announce online on April 2.
  • This coming season will be our 9th. With our 10th season right around the corner, making a massive push for season ticket holders will be a prime focus for us from April through October when the first show opens. Our expectations are high. We’ve been at this for a while and if we’re to continue as a company we need to solidify our support base. We’re going to need your help in this endeavor, so expect an announcement of an open forum meeting to also come in March. This is going to be a great chance for any interested persons to get directly involved with Jobsite!

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