Patron comments on This is How it Goes

From David, one of our opening weekend subscribers:

Another good show with good performances, particularly Ryan with his mountain of dialog to memorize. This show embodies what I like most about Jobsite productions. There’s no way in heck I can make my father understand what they’re about when he calls and asks what I’ve seen. Too complex to describe and must be seen to be understood. I could say “Well, it’s sort of a theatrical experiment where an unreliable narrator breaks the 4th wall repeatedly to redefine the truth of what we see and challenge our notions of truth in the real world as well as marital and race relations.” but that isn’t really going to explain it even though it’s reasonably accurate. So go see it, there were empty seats that should have been filled.

Thanks again, David. We really appreciate the feedback and could certainly use more season ticket holders like yourself to fill up those opening weekend seats until word of mouth and reviews can do their thing.

I second that it’s a great show with an incredibly interesting story and some great acting. Check it out, ladies and gentlemen!

Don’t forget – we have just 4 performances left of All the Great Books (abridged)! Including one in just a few hours! Get out of the house! Downtown is dead right now!


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