Socially-Distant Soliloquies

Socially-Distant Soliloquies is inspired in part by the wild success of the end result of our MadLib the Bard! game and in part by the successful Shakespeare Solos series on the Guardian’s website that uses popular actors from British stage and screen. We have invited our ensemble to take part by choosing any set speech, soliloquy, or sonnet they wish and performing it in a mundane (and socially distant) environment like an empty playground, their front porch, or while on a neighborhood walk for the camera.

Already in this playlist you’ll find entries from Sadie Lockhart, Salem Brophy, Ned Averill-Snell, Roxanne Fay, Cornelio Aguilera, Amy E. Gray, Michael C. McGreevy, Matt Acquard and Giles Davies.

We’ll release videos to this showcase as we receive them! Please also make sure to check out our One From the Vaults series! We’ve expanded the series concept to not only include personal tours through Jobsite memories from our ensemble but also scenes and songs from past performances.

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Henry V Auditions

Jobsite is accepting audition materials for our Jan. 2021 production of Shakespeare’s Henry V. England’s in tumult and who ascends the throne but playboy prince

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