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Are you a Jobsite fan who would like to see us continue to grow and flourish? Have a little bit of time to kick in to ensure that? Please consider joining our board of directors! Jobsite’s board meets for one hour monthly, usually a Monday early evening, to discuss business and ensure the long-range health and stability of the organization. The board’s prime area of emphasis is development be that in the form of reaching new parts of the community, attracting more season ticket holders, or planning our fundraisers. The board meets once a month for an hour, usually a Monday early evening. Committees will be forming for 2015 in January and February.

You do NOT need to be a banker or a lawyer or a CEO to hold a board seat with Jobsite, though if you are any of the former you are also more than welcome to help us. We’re specifically looking for people who know our work, believe in it, and want to help us stick around for years to come.

I will be perfectly blunt here: I can only be as effective as the support network that I have around me, and it’s impossible for just one person to keep up with the day to day needs of the organization AND long term health, stability and development needs. We’re looking for a Few Good People who have passion, time and a commitment to make Jobsite as great as it can be. I’m reaching out a hand for help, can you take it?

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