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Master of the innertubes, Senior Paonessa, has recently updated You may notice the new menu bar listing on the left FYI/MEDIA. Behind that tab you can find our newsletter, the upcoming season, our FAQ, our auditions page and on how you can help virally market us on your blog, MySpace or what have you.

ALL audition information for the 07-08 season is posted online. I’ll be blunt here. We know we catch a little crap from people saying we only work from within our group or from our friends and that’s simply NOT TRUE. Anyone who sits around and gossips and complains without showing up to an audition and at least making their best attempt to smoke it has zero room to be talking. It’s that simple.

Every season we find folks in our general auditions we didn’t know before. Every season we bring more and more people into our ensemble. We do it because we’re always looking for talent and we’re always looking for people who want to work with us. Yes, the ensemble is bypassed through general auditions but can anyone blame me that I don’t need to see a 30 second to 1 minute monologue from an actor I’ve worked with for years? It’s also a benefit to those who choose to make Jobsite an artistic home. There’s also no denying that anyone who is in the position to make decisions often looks to those who they know and trust. It’s the newcomers job then to do their best to impress. We’re not scary, we’re not a secret club, we simply want the best people we can get who mesh with the way we do things (and will work for the peanuts and occasional baked item, BBQ or beer).

Some folks have even auditioned for us a few years in a row before being called back or cast. That’s just our industry, but we still want anyone and everyone to at least make an attempt. Every season is different, the needs of every show are different. We won’t know who you are unless you come out and show us. Come out and kick ass, we’ll take notice. We have plenty of room for new and old faces in the coming season.

Anywho …

If you’re digging around our website, why not click the MAKE A DONATION button and make our day?

Not in the mood to just hand out cash? We can sell you something! We have just under 2 dozen t-shirts left for The March of the Kitefliers (click here to see them modeled) in sizes S – XL. All just for a $15 donation to your pals at Jobsite. We sincerely do need to move these shirts, and your donation really matters.

As the next few months move on, fundraising will be a major focus for us. We’ve already begun on our initiative to start working on grants but that work tends to not pay out in actual dollars for a year or two at a minimum. In the interim it’s going to become crucial that we up our support from our patrons and local businesses.

We will be offering sponsorship opportunities that we haven’t offered before on individual shows with a lot of exposure and great benefits. Take a look at next season, we need undertitle sponsors for all of those shows, and we also have room for one title sponsor for the season. Know someone who can help us? Send them our way.

I know I keep repeating it, but the next year or so is our make-or-break period. We will have been at this close to 10 years and it’s time we moved to the next level. We need your help!!!

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One thought on “Jobsite news: auditions, updates etc.

  1. Please, please, please come out! We’re nice people, we like to be entertained and as a director next season, I would LOVE to see a big happy diverse group of new people (and of course my version of Maureen Stapleton a la The Electric Grandmother for Eleemosynary. I’m in a particular need for a woman in an age range not always associated with Jobsite shows – so bring your Grandma to auditions! If she bakes – she’ll get extra points. If she’ll hug me and tell me I’m pretty while I direct – she’s increasing her chances exponentially!

    (I’m only kind of kidding).

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