Aww, Joe still loves us!

Joe Popp just sent me this link to his newest bio, with all sorts of Jobsite love in it.

Joe’s done work with us since our first season (JY2K, The History of the Devil, MAXWELL, Murder Ballads) and we’re really looking forward to his musical stylings on next season’s soundtrack for EMBEDDED. Oops, I guess I just let that cat out of the bag early. (Well, so did he in his bio, so fair is fair).

Joe and I met in 1999 at my audition for a rock musical based on a Mac Wellman play – Whirligig – a few short months after this crazy little theater company was birthed. If I could pay him a ton of money to be our resident composer/music director/rock god, I’d do so happily. But, he’s now got himself a wife and a kid and is living it up in the NYC. Makes this guy a little misty sometimes …


2 thoughts on “Aww, Joe still loves us!

  1. Can I hold you to that offer when you guys are filthy rich! Thanks Dave, sorry if I squeeked the show prematurely!

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