Artist Profile: Christen Petitt

Wow, our very first R-rated interview. Now that I think of it, I’m surprised it’s taken this long. Reader discretion is advised.


Name: Christen, aka Titties
Hometown: J-ville, FLA, home of the Crackers
College: USF
Current residence: South Tampa Snootyville

First Jobsite project: I first came to see Brownbread 6 times – supposedly to see my boyfriend, Bob, who was acting in the show, but really it was to watch for Ryan McCarthy’s balls falling out. The first Jobsite show I appeared in was Spring Awakening, which I loved and would like to direct eventually …

Favorite show you’ve ever worked on: It’s a tie between Spring Awakening (nothing bonds a cast like sharing the misery of Swamp Ass and lengthy discussions on dildos); History of the Devil (uh… ditto), and The Serpent (um … ditto again.) I’ve been in lots of shows that were fun or educational, or a total fucking nightmare, but what makes a show experience really memorable is your bond with your fellow travelers.

Last show you did in the area: The Serpent

Tell us a little about your work in This is How it Goes: I am Ami’s costume designer, again, having worked with her previously on BUG for Gorilla Theater. It’s not something I do very often, but I really enjoy working with Ami, and I like the opportunity to do new and different things.

What do you like about working with Jobsite? The hot bitchez. And that “punk-fucking-rawk” can-do attitude.

Any story you’d like to share about the rehearsal process? I love to see nice dress pants on an actor that really makes their ass look good. I think actors perform better when their costume is as comfortable as a second skin; and when it’s flattering to their face and figure, actors have more energy and confidence.

(So, y’all, don’t complain about the pants, is all I’m sayin’ … You look great!)

Why do you think people should come see This is How it Goes? It’s a hell of a great show. Beautiful actors. Fast paced. Realistic. Twisty. Surprising. One you will continue to think about and talk about for a long time after …

Dependents: Only Shaun. I make sure he doesn’t wander off to ponder the universe, forgetting to eat …

Top 3 books: The Illuminatus! Trilogy; Good Omens; Dune; Harry Potter et al (I am a dork – s.t.f.u.)

Top 3 movies: The Pillowbook, Pulp Fiction, Moulin Rouge, Elizabeth, basically anything where Ewan MacGregor whips his dong out….

Top 3 bands: Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, TV on the Radio, Magnolia Electric Co., Lucero, other random shit

Top 3 foodstuffs: A good hunk of steak (medium rare), lobster, asparagus in white wine and garlic reduction

Favorite quote: Fuck cars, I’m about to buy a spaceship to get to Mars – Lil’ Kim

Favorite local spots: The Hub, New World, Dirty Shame, TB Brew Co.

Favorite vacation spot: The beach; and a nice hotel with the balcony door left open to the night breeze

Hobbies: Geek dodging, kickball, darts

Heroes/Role Models: I’m just amazed that a smarmy obnoxious chickenhead like Rachael Ray gets a cooking show AND a travel show on national television … so I guess she’s my hero? She did something well, anyway…


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