Artist Profile: Heather Scheffel

Heather is making her Tampa Bay stage debut with This is How it Goes – which opens Thu., Jan. 25.

She’s a real neat girl, and we’re really glad to have her. Check her out!

Name:Heather Scheffel
Age: 26
Hometown: Lewisville, TX
College: Sam Houston State University
Current residence: St. Pete, FL

Favorite show: “Anything Goes”

Tell us a little about your work in This is How it Goes: I am playing the role of the woman named Belinda Phipps. She is married and a mother, but yet unhappy with her life as a whole. It has definitely been a challenge for me to work with this script. It certainly isnt the easiest one. But overall it has surely been a blast to be involved in for my first Tampa Bay show.

What do you like about working with Jobsite? Good people and easy going atmosphere.

Any story you’d like to share about the rehearsal process? There’s always laughing no matter how serious we can tend to get, we always find a way to laugh. Thats really nice!!

Why do you think people should come see This is How it Goes? Its a different approach to a regular play. Its witty and funny and still dramatic at the same time. Its a thinker at times as well. So it has a little bit of everything in it.

Top 3 books: Any Sidney Sheldon book.
Top 3 movies: Moulin Rouge, 50 First Dates, Pretty Woman(All-time fave)
Top 3 bands: Hoobastank, The Vodkanauts feat. Jonathan Harrison, and Michael Buble

Favorite quote: The most constant thing is in the world is change. Thats why today I take life as it comes. -India Arie
Favorite local spots: FOOTBALL Bucs and Cowboys

Hobbies: Perfoming, cooking, hanging with friends
Heroes/Role Models: Parents and sister
Anything else to add? Im getting married in May! YAY!!!! πŸ™‚


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