Theater company in search of groups to help!

Since late January, I have been off and on poking around the internet, sending notes to people I know in various circles, chatting folks up in bars and giving word to friends to give to a friend they know.

We’re trying to put together fundraising, awareness raising and whateverelse-raising we can get together for our run of Embedded.

This was the last blog post I wrote about it.

Not to sound crabbed-out about it, but I’m stunned at the lack of meaningful responses. I’m definitely surprised by the number of outright non-responses.

There’s really no catch here. We have space and an audience. We have a play that’s timely and topical. We’re open to speakers. We’re open to information tables. We’re simply open. We can go as free or as fancy as someone might want to go with an idea. We can give you a private performance for your donors, sponsors or even volunteers at a very reasonable reduced rate. You can turn the tickets into a fundraising tool for your company. You can just have a table out front and let people know about whatever it is your group does. We can put together a whole panel of people to discuss a topic (which could include or not folks from the production).

However, in order for us to do any of this, a hand has to reach out in return and try to take ours. We’re here, we’re ready, we’re willing.

We take this sort of thing very seriously. We feel we’ve done a lot of good in the past for partner organizations like Metropolitan Ministries, Tampa Fire Rescue and the Tampa Firefighters Museum as well as Hillsborough Association of Retarded Citizens.

This play goes up 2.5 months before the general election. Closing weekend is the same weekend as the DNC. The RNC is the weekend after we close. All these things point directly at a giant, glowing opportunity.

The longer we wait, the less we’ll be able to offer and the less time groups will have to make anything as much of a success as they may like.

We’d love to talk to someone. Anyone. This is too good an opportunity to just blow by.


2 thoughts on “Theater company in search of groups to help!

  1. Well I did comment on the first post, though just recently, on the Exalted Warrior foundation. Would you like me to contact them or will you do it? What about MoveOn? I know there are local groups. Please let me know if there’s some other way I can help.

  2. Susan, you’re right. You did. I sent an email through their website. Do you have a personal contact you can provide me? You can always email it to me at jobsitetheater AT gmail DOT com.

    Thanks again!

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