Tell us what you thought of A Dream Play!

We’ll keep this thread open for the run of A Dream Play (closes June 29) so you can have the chance to sound off and tell us what you think. Kudos, bouquets, brickbats, attaboys, WTFs – whatever you have to say – we want to hear it!



2 thoughts on “Tell us what you thought of A Dream Play!

  1. A strangely compelling show that defies any attempt to describe it. In it’s brevity the human condition is presented through a sorrowful lens. Cerebral and affecting, this show may not be to everyone’s taste, but should be seen by everyone just to experience the sheer artfulness of it.

    As he did with The Serpent, Chris takes the kind of theatrical experience that I would normally consider pretentious artsy crap and makes it enjoyable. This is not a typical night out, but it is a worthwhile use of the theater-goers time.

    Strong work by all, particularly Kari, both Steves & Spencer.

    Great and fitting selection of songs too, I’m going to have to bust out my Julee Cruise cd tonight.

    As an added bonus for frequent Jobsite patrons, you can play “Spot the Masks” and identify their previous incarnations.

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