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I’ll take any chance I am given to bump this post about our search for partners for our production of Embedded. This is honestly such a good opportunity, we hope that we can find some sort of interest here in Tampa Bay. We’re reaching out on a daily basis. Know someone we should be talking to? Refer us or drop us a comment.

A Dream Play
is heading into our second weekend of performances. If you didn’t make it out opening weekend, it would sure mean a lot to us to see you this weekend. The theater is only seating 85, which we think is really going to exacerbate the sell-out factor come week 3. It kills us to have a tepid week 2 only to turn around and turn people away straight through our final weekend. Why not come this weekend?

Speaking of ADP and sellouts, this Saturday evening’s show (6/21) only had 3 remaining tickets as of this morning’s wraps. Get on it if you want them!

To everyone who came and auditioned last night – thank you! This area just keeps attracting more and more talent (even if a lot of you guys came from FSU …). Callbacks will be going out this week for appointments ranging from this evening as last as July 21.

And – jumping all the way ahead to the end of next season – we have an announcement to make! We’ve added two of the Bay area’s brightest playwrights, who we believe were the last folks to be voted “Best Local Playwright” (before the category was nixed) in Creative Loafing’s (then Weekly Planet’s) Best of the Bay Awards, in Neil Gobioff and Shawn Paonessa to the creative team for Pericles!

Originally a concept by Joe Popp, he first enlisted on to his mighty ship the talents of Tylor Durand and Brian McCabe – his fellow bandmembers in The Hornrims. Joe kept writing the lyrics, but the music became a group effort. Then Joe decided to hand over the reigns on a rough draft of a book he’d finished to our very own Shawn and Neil (who have not penned for Jobsite since the blockbuster awesomeness that was The March of the Kitefliers) after they all met up in New York just a few weeks ago.

I’m staring at a giant bowl of win from that recipe. Provided six such strong egos (myself included) don’t kill each other (or at minimum decide to settle all differences by Reaux-Chambeaux in the bathroom hallway of The Hub) – this show should be blowing the room of the Shimberg come August of ’09.

If you want to make sure now you see it then, get yourself a season ticket! We’re well ahead of our season ticket counts from this time last year, and we’re not resting until we hit our goal (or the season starts, I guess).


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