Sam and Jack’s first podcast – PERSONALS

Shawn and I have wanted to do a Jobsite podcast for some time. We just haven’t really had a great idea. With The March of the Kitefliers coming up, it made a lot of sense to do some “in character” as Sam and Jack.

Instead of doing scenes from the play or anything like that, we decided it would be a lot of fun to see Sam and Jack in a context you never get the chance to during the play – at home by themselves.

So an idea was born …

Thanks to Shawn for writing the first two scripts. The one below is our first attempt at doing anything like this, and we don’t think it’s so bad for a first outing. We’re learning on the fly, and they’ll surely get better as we go on.

This was shot this past Sunday morning in Shawn’s living room. The only rehearsal we did was reading the script over a cigarette and a cup of coffee, and we shot it in two takes.

So here we go ladies and gentlemen, Sam and Jack in PERSONALS.

**Oh, and this is not safe for work as it contains some language and content**


One thought on “Sam and Jack’s first podcast – PERSONALS

  1. Hey,

    Pretty cool guys…..Can’t wait to catch Kitefliers again. Already got my tickets. Jobsite forever!!!

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