Romeo & Juliet

By William Shakespeare

Directed by David M. Jenkins

Jan. 21 – Feb. 6, 2022

Tickets start at $29.50

Preview Performances: Jan. 19 – 20 | Tickets start at: $18

Jaeb Theater, Straz Center for the Performing Arts

What It’s About

20 years after establishing a Tampa Bay area tradition, Jobsite finally tackles the Bard’s most famous play.

From historic feud to ill-fated union, Romeo & Juliet is sadly as timely today as when it first took the stage in 1595. Verona is sick. Its structures broken and citizens hopelessly divided. Amidst the violence, bloodshed, fear, and unrest, two teenagers find unexpected relief in one another. But can love overcome a society’s sickness? Join Jobsite for this potent tragedy in a production set against the backdrop of the 1980s.

No one in this region "Rocks the Bard" as hard, as relevant, and as daring as Jobsite and their players.

This production uses the period setting to explore the entrenched polarization that dominates contemporary culture and the tragic costs of intolerance and division. Jobsite’s Romeo & Juliet features an ’80s-influenced original score by resident composer Jeremy Douglass. Jobsite’s approach to Shakespeare has historically been powered by sociocultural influence, and this will be no exception with inspiration drawn heavily from two other pastiches set in the 1980s – Stranger Things and the graphic novel Prince of Cats.

Darius Autry & Kayla Witoshynsky in Jobsite's Romeo & Juliet.
Darius Autry & Kayla Witoshynsky in Jobsite's Romeo & Juliet.
(L-R) Newt Miranda, Darius Autry, Martin Powers, Kayla Witoshynsky & Robert Spence Gabriel in Jobsite's Romeo & Juliet.
(L-R) Newt Miranda, Darius Autry, Martin Powers, Kayla Witoshynsky & Robert Spence Gabriel in Jobsite's Romeo & Juliet.

Educational Performances and Outreach

Weekday field trip matinees for middle and high school students are available starting Jan. 17. All groups attending field trip performances are given custom study guides and the ability to have a visit from a teaching artist both before and after your scheduled show.

Additional opportunities include on-site pre- or post-show tours or Q&As. Please call 813.222.1016 or write to learn more about our education programs.

Reduced cost and free admissions are also available for qualifying groups, please write us to learn more.

Please note the Straz Center’s health and safety policies, which extends to all matinee performances as well as standard curtains.

Romeo & Juliet is made possible by grants from Saunders Foundation and Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation in addition to our regular season sponsors.


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Cast & Crew


  • Cornelio “Coky” Aguilera – Friar Lawrence
  • Darius Autry – Romeo
  • Theron “T. R.” Butler – Capulet
  • Robert Spence Gabriel – Paris, et. al.
  • Newt Rametta – Benvolio
  • Marlene Peralta – Lady Capulet
  • Martin Powers – Mercutio, et. al.
  • Kasondra Rose – Lady Montague/Featured Singer
  • Jared Sellick – Peter, et. al.
  • Brian Matthew Shea – Montague/Apothecary
  • Katrina Stevenson – Tybalt, et. al.
  • David Warner – Nurse/Prince Escalus
  • Kayla Witoshynsky – Juliet

Production Staff

  • David M. Jenkins – Adaptation and Direction
  • Jo Averill-Snell – Lighting Design
  • Giles Davies – Text Coach
  • Jeremy Douglass – Composer
  • D Granke – Combat Choreography/Intimacy Coordinator
  • Brian Smallheer – Scenic Design
  • Katrina Stevenson – Costume Design
  • Nicole Jeannine Smith – Stage Manager
  • Teah Banks – Properties
  • Brian M. Smallheer – Technical Director
  • Tea Roberts – Scenic Artist
  • Dave Cohen – Sound Engineer
  • Reuben Hirsh – Master Electrician
  • James Zambon Photography – Promotional Photographer
  • Sickles High School TV – Videography

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