William Alejandro Barba

William Alejandro Barbra [he/him] is excited to be making his Jobsite debut in this production of A Clockwork Orange. He is a senior at the University of South Florida studying Theatre Arts. Over the last 10 years, he has performed in several plays, musicals, and films. Most recently, he played the lead role in a feature film production, Polybius, based on the urban legend of the same name. Some of his favorite roles on stage have been Dracula, Pippin, and Boxer from Animal Farm. He enjoys singing, playing basketball and soccer, and has a passion for watching and making films. To him, performing arts is a practice with the potential to promote healing, understanding, and empathy in society. He is deeply thankful to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the abundant blessings he has been given. He is also thankful to God for the people that have guided him to this point in his career and looks forward to future opportunities in this creative discipline which he loves so much.

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