My favorite feedback on WIM

This is from friend and ensemble member Leah LoSchiavo, sent via MySpace:

Awesome show last night! congratulations on an excellent production. I had to run after the show, but please pass on to the cast I think they committed extraordinary acts of theatre magic last night. Truly exceptional work from EVERYONE. I was trying to think of a word to describe my reaction to the production and what comes to mind is: charmed. I was sincerely charmed by the talent and quality of work, and charmed by my own complete submersion into the world of the play, in great part I think to the wonderful commitment of the cast. you kids is hypnotic! I totally, totally dig it, man. thank you for a great night of theatre.

Thanks, Leah. We were glad to have you.

Everyone else – there’s just three more chances to get in on this action. C’mon, one of our actors is going out there with a bulged/herniated/slipped/fubared disk. Show him some love, show them all some love, and like Agent Cooper said – each day, every day … give yourself a gift.

These folks are working too hard and the work is too solid to have even one empty chair for the rest of the weekend. Hope to see you there!


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