Actors honored, auditions and Woman in Mind closing weekend

Just a week removed from a stellar review of Sir Alan Acykbourn’s Woman in Mind (only 4 performances remain!), three Jobsite ensemble members are recognized by Mark Leib in a column about actors you should keep an eye on if you’re not already.

Coincidentally, they all also happen to be the “fantasy family” in the current show – Steve Garland, Matt Lunsford and Caitlin McDonald.

Steve sure as hell was an incredibly good find this year, I still owe Brian Shea a beer or something for recommending him to us. Caitlin has actually been working with Jobsite well before Mr. Leib’s mention of The Crucible – she was in our 2001 blockbuster production of Dracula. Matt has been with us since 2001 as well, appearing first in The Nature of Fear.

All three of these actors have become vital and valued pieces of our ensemble.

If anyone else out there would like an opportunity to become involved, there’s always our season auditions. If you’re not already involved, this is the only way to fix that. We obviously don’t have enough work for every actor in town, but Steve Garland is a perfect example that we love to be surprised by great talent and will give ample opportunity if it’s warranted. We won’t know though unless we see you!


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