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A quick report on the closing of Woman in Mind: final numbers show that it was our second most attended/grossing show of the season, behind The Pillowman. On a three-year scale it was our third highest grosser behind Pillowman and America (abridged).

Our final performance was simply packed, with only three open seats, and ended with perhaps one of the most powerful standing ovations I’ve witnessed in the room.

All in all, it simply feels damn good to have been responsible (as a company) for that work. It feels even better to be validated by critic and ticket-buyer alike. That doesn’t always happen.

So, on to the next thing. I get a night off then it’s into hard-core rehearsals for Hurlyburly.

I’ve also got two photos to share with you today. First is a photo taken out in front of the Shimberg after strike last night, and the second is of our traveling superstar, Sylvia, who just closed a highly-acclaimed production of The Goat in San Jose, CA. Where will she be off to next??? (To keep up with Sylvia, visit her MySpace page!)

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