Jobsite’s 0809 season to be announced soon!

We will be announcing our 2008-2009 season on Feb. 21 at the opening night of Boston Marriage. We will not release this information to the public in any other fashion (including this blog) until the next week, so if you’re dying to know – come see us! Of course all of you opening weekend season ticket holders will be the first to know!

We won’t start actually processing orders until the opening of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (April 3-20), but we will be running a waiting list for anyone who is interested.

Four of our six shows are locked in. We actually meet tonight to hash out these last two choices, which we’ll have locked up by next week. For those not in the know, you can check out our FAQ to see how we go about play selection every year.

I’ll tease you a tiny bit: in this next season – which will be our TENTH ANNIVERSARY SEASON – there will be punk rock, adapted work from an old dead white guy, a few bunnies and a show with a title that would likely ring a bell with Beatles fans.

We’re keeping the same prices and the same sort of schedule, the only real difference is that we’ll be opening our season in September instead of November for the first time (woo lard, coming HOT off the heels of our 0708 closer, Embedded)


One thought on “Jobsite’s 0809 season to be announced soon!

  1. Nooo, I can’t stand the suspense.

    Tell me now!!!

    I won’t be able to sleep!

    I’m sure as always you’ll have a sensational line up.

    Hmmm, old dead white guy, that really narrows it down.

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