Attention area visual artists!

Jobsite Theater will be part of a art auction fundraiser on Sat., March 29th at the Silver Meteor Gallery in Ybor City that will benefit several area arts organizations. We are all at this stage finding artists to partner with us for this unique benefit. I can only speak for Jobsite, but we’ve never done anything like this but are intrigued by the possibilities.

All bids for all pieces will start at $100, with half of the money going to the artist and half to the organization (in our case, Jobsite Theater). So, at minimum the artist would get $50 for any piece in the show if sold. If a piece sells for $500, the artist and the company each get $250.

You get the idea, right?

This fundraiser art show will take place at the Silver Meteor Gallery and is being curated by Michael Murphy. All pieces would be dropped off and picked up there at the gallery, and times would be worked out between the artist and Michael. At this time the auction is slated to take place between 6 and 8pm. I believe Michael has said he’d need all setup complete by 5pm, so any work would need to arrive prior to that.

In addition to the auction we will have a DJ, cash bar and information areas for all of the organizations that the fundraiser benefits.

We have confirmations from several artists in the area, but are still looking for a few more who might like to partner with us on this event.

Interested? Email us at jobsitetheaterATgmailDOTcom.


One thought on “Attention area visual artists!

  1. Hello You. Post some info on drop off due date and any other relevant info ( business cards, promo materials OK? )…I’m in. At least I’ll create some levity and rum cravings.
    rhondakwrites at aol

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