Keep Jobsite Rocking

Mon., Apr 26, 2021

An Online Fundraiser

We’ve lost almost a quarter of a million dollars in ticketed revenue since last March. On top of that, since we began offering both digital and live programming options last fall, we have yet to be able to recover our investments with either, compounding our box office losses from cancelled shows and effectively burning through our reserves.

On Apr. 26, from midnight to midnight, we hold our spring online fundraiser, this year using #KeepJobsiteRocking.

We’re asking our fans and supporters to donate what they can that day and also help by spreading the word through personal stories about what the company means to you.

We’re setting an ambitious $50,000 goal and currently have $12,500 in matching funds available to help us get there. Can we count on you? Every $1 counts on a day like this.

Our firm commitment to pursuing our mission, keeping artists employed, and providing a place for the community to come together (even when remaining apart) has kept us active. However, we cannot maintain this even for the remainder of 2021 without public support.

We’ve lost over $12,000 alone simply in offering digital programming through readings, Jobsite Digital Shorts, and full streams of our plays; public appetite isn’t strong enough to cover even basic costs. However, we hear those of you loud and clear who appreciate these opportunities.

In producing both on the Riverwalk Stage and in the reconfigured-for-distance Jaeb, our costs to do the right thing the right way – keeping health and safety our top priority – means our costs have effectively doubled since moving from the Shimberg, while ticket sale averages are halved from what they were pre-pandemic.

Our current operating plan remains in place for the remainder of 2021, until we can be certain that we’re able to move back into the Shimberg in a safe and viable manner.

Opportunity Drawing

Because we can’t legally call it a “raffle”.

Each and every single donation (of any amount) equals one entry per drawing into our opportunity drawing. On Apr. 26, we’re holding hourly drawings.

Plus, all entries throughout the day will be entered into a grand drawing good for a VIP table for 4 plus a signed poster and other goodies left at your table for any remaining show in 2021 (Shockheaded Peter, Dr. Ride’s American Beach House, or Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.)

Nothing from Apr. 23, 2021 to Apr. 29, 2021.


Tickets are not part of our 2020-21 season pass since they are an encore and self-produced solo work.

Like all Job-side Productions, they are free for members at the Rock Star and All-Star levels. Please contact us directly — not the Straz Box Office — to claim member benefits.

Health & Safety

The Jaeb Theater, typically 320 seats, has been reconfigured to accommodate 100 also with proper distance between tables. All additional tables and chairs will be removed from the theater.

In selling tables over single seats, we will be able to better safeguard audiences and also provide folks a means to establish their own level of comfort. If a single person or a couple prefers to purchase a four-top table to keep even more distance, they may do so. These tables will not for any reason be broken up, so folks do not need to be worried about being seated with people they did not arrive with.

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