Don’t forget – Sticks of Fire night at Kitefliers today!

Our 4pm show today is sponsored by Come hang out with a local blogger or two, put a real name and a face with a handle and an avatar, and see a kick-ass show.

Crowds are eating this thing alive, as we’d hoped. Last night was sold-out, and began rising to their feet as we were walking off after our bow. They were hooting by the time we got to the dressing room. We would have stayed out there longer, but it’s hard sometimes to know how that’s going to go and you don’t want to milk it too long.

Today’s show was around 70% sold last I checked, so I imagine if you can manage to make it there by 3:30 you can take advantage of the rush tickets if you’re a student, senior or military and have a valid ID. Those tickets are half off (so a mere $9.75) but you need to pay cash only, and only at the window.

And buy a kick-ass shirt while you’re there! We’ve already gone through around 2 dozen and have about 4 dozen left. To get your shirt, we’re asking for a $15 donation to the company.

After today’s show I imagine a few of us will head over to New World for a pint or two and some darts, and most importantly – relaxation after a hell of a week and a half. We’ll get two nights off, then back for a pickup on Wed. and our second weekend of shows.

The universal consensus from everyone coming is that this production is certainly superior to the first outing, and that it’s well worth the second look.

I hope to see you all soon.


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