The unsung heroes

We have a 3-piece band obscured behind the screen on the stage for Gorey Stories. They’ve done an incredible job and have really gotten tight over the past few weeks. Pit musicians, it seems, sort of dig their anonymity, so the idea of being visible on stage was a bit daunting to them at first.

Two of the three musicians are actually students in the Patel Conservatory Youth Orchestra here on site. We were very lucky to find two qualified and dedicated musicians to take on these important roles in the production.

Here’s a photo from a session on Sunday before the show. The marketing person for the Conservatory was there to document their involvement. This is actually the second consecutive season opener that Jobsite has hired Patel Conservatory students for the production. For The Pillowman we used Davis Brown to play the young Michal in the flashback scenes.


Music Director Angela Lakin (piano) along with Lavender Ning (flute) and Christina Chen (cello) doing their best to make Mike McGreevy (bald) and Spencer Meyers (not) sound good before the 10/28 show.

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