Gorey Stories: additional patron feedback and more

This was sent in an email to me after last night’s show. Glad to hear she wasn’t … bored.

“This is just a note to express how much I absolutely LOVED Gorey Stories last night. I am a huge Gorey fan and I never thought I would have the opportunity to see this production. You folks did such a magnificent job interpreting his work. It was the perfect Halloween treat for me and my friends. Thank you so much for bringing a little dream of mine to fruition! Everything about our experience last night was just perfect. You can be sure I will be attending more shows produced by Jobsite Theater!” – Rachel Lisi

She saw a great show last night from what little I saw and from the reports I rec’d afterwards. Another live crowd, another standing ovation – you can’t ask for a whole lot more. I was also stopped by a stranger last night at New World Brewery who came up and raved about the performance she saw last week. That was really gratifying. Some of our shows skew real young (an (abridged) show or a Joe Popp musical) and others a bit older (Frankie and Johnny, Woman in Mind) so it’s just a real treat to see a show like this with an audience that’s all ages and types.

We’re getting a lot more kids in the audience than I anticipated, but I guess buying a kid a ticket is cheaper (and perhaps safer) than leaving them with a babysitter. There really is only one piece that’s perhaps too much for small eyes (The Curious Sofa) – but so far we’ve drawn no complaints nor had any walk-outs. It’s all innuendo and shadowplay, and I have to assume now that it’s going over those kids’ heads.

Keep in mind that this Saturday night is sold out. We have a small handful of tickets for tonight and Sunday, and at this point it’s extremely hard to say if tickets will be available as of the rush period or not.

We do have two more weeks after this one. We’re still slated to close on Nov. 11. Next Saturday and Sunday are already filling up fast as well.

A few people continue to ask “what’s the best night to come?” My short answer is going to be “any night, so long as you actually come.” But if you’re asking because you want to do us a favor and support a slow night, my answer is Thursday. That’s always the hardest night to get people out of the house. If you’re wondering about the best night to try to get a rush ticket, my answer is still Thursday. If you’re wondering if you should come this week, next week or the week after I’d say come as soon as you can to help us close out shows that are the nearest in time.


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