The Jobsite-McDonagh spiderweb

As we’ve mentioned, we’ve had a 10-year relationship with Martin McDonagh’s plays, which serve as nice bookends to our residency at the Straz Center. This current group of folks working on The Lonesome West are part of a pretty interesting complex web …

The Lonesome West director Paul Potenza also directed The Beauty Queen of Leenane (the play we had in production when we were named resident theater company at the Straz) which featured David Jenkins (TLW‘s Coleman Connor) and Ned Averill-Snell (TLW assistant director) as the Dooley brothers (though they never shared a scene). Brian Shea (TLW‘s Father Walsh) served under Potenza as assistant director for Beauty Queen.

Potenza also starred in The Pillowman along with Matt Lunsford (TLW‘s Valene Connor), who also appeared as the titular Lieutenant of Inishmore (which featured Ned as Matt’s dad). Pillowman and Inishmore were both directed by Jenkins.

And if that isn’t all strange enough … Lunsford’s girlfriend apparently watched McDonagh’s Seven Psychopaths twice in a row one day while he was at work …


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