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T is for Titus who flew into bits …

So this big, beautiful thing is up and running. We had a sensational, rousing, hooting and hollering audience last night that rose to their feet at the end. Pretty amazing, since our Thu. night subs and regular audience members are not typically so rowdy. Hopefully that’s a great sign of things to come.

The show itself went great apart from a few minor technical glitches – some of which we’re fixing and others are just byproducts of working in live theater (anything can sometimes happen). I’m real proud of everyone here, and really glad I can just relax now (provided sales stay as strong as they are).

I can certainly be proud of the fact that before we officially opened we’d already sold 470 of 490 available opening weekend tickets, including our preview. WOO HOO!

I learned a lot working on this show. I probably say that alot, but it’s true. More so this time. I’ve never directed a musical, though I think very musically. Paul Reller once told me that I direct like a composer. I thought it was high praise, and it really makes more sense to me as time goes on – but I certainly orchestrate.

For someone who isn’t a giant fan of musicals, traditionally, this was an enormous amount of fun to work on. Gorey’s work, the inherent darkness in the pieces combined with the clowning work we’ve done, the different ways of presenting the material from piece to piece, the broad style – all of that really appealed to me. I’m also really happy that we met the challenge of putting together an actual band to sit on stage and play.

I got to work with a great group – from folks I’ve been at this with from the beginning to people I’d never worked with at all up til 2 months ago. I’ve watched gifted performers play night after night and not relent til they got it right. I’ve watched others push themselves and push themselves until they’ve met whatever challenge it was that was in front of them. I’ve seen 9 actors put their personal egos aside (ok, well, most of the time – don’t let me get delusional here) and band together as a tight ensemble, as strong as their unity. I’ve gained so much respect for every one of these people.

I know the show has 4 weeks (and maybe more?) to run, but my job is pretty much done. I can’t even sit in the theater and watch for the remainder of the weekend, unless I want to watch in the booth. Folks often ask me if I watch every show, or if I keep working on a show during the run. The answer to that is by and large no. I certainly don’t watch every performance but usually see things at least once a weekend. Maybe more in certain situations. Bear in mind I watch a show for 6 weeks before an audience does, so it’s good for me to step away for a few days after opening and gain fresh eyes again. As far as notes and working the show? I leave a bit of that in the hands of my stage manager, who I ask to keep an eye on things for me. If things begin to sag or lose their shape, I ask her to keep me in the loop. I also may give a note here or their privately after a show opens and I see something that gives me an idea.

You have to let go at a certain point though. Otherwise you drive yourself and your actors nuts.

Now it’s their time to shine, and they certainly deserve it. Early word so far is sensational, and I just hope all those enthusiastic folks get more people interested in the show so we can continue this trend of selling out far in advance. Next Saturday (10/27) is getting darned close, no small feat since that’s also Guavaween.

I take my life off pause as of tomorrow morning. Laundry. Yard work. Grooming that little black furry monster. Preparing for a vacation. It’ll all be that much sweeter knowing we’ve got a good thing going for the next month.

Hope you all can make it out soon. You won’t be disappointed. Here are a few comments I’ve seen online:

“I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the show last night. I thought it was phenomenal! … The whole production was so detailed – costumes, make-up, set, lighting, music, everything – even the Oompa Loompa song at intermission…. It was one of the best Jobsite productions that I’ve seen – and I’ve seen quite a few – and I sincerely hope that you have to extend your extension of the show!” – Carol Cohen

“I just saw Jobsite’s “Gorey Stories” and it was seriously the best stage performance they have ever done. YOU MUST SEE THIS SHOW! I was absolutely *blown away* by this show. F’ing hilarious and simultaneously exquisite in every way!” – in the tampa livejournal community

“LOVED it! My bf and I were obnoxiously quoting lines at each other on the drive back to Orlando.” – from mitejenn via livejournal



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