Gorey Stories is a hit!

Thanks to the help of many good folks like you, we had a sensational opening weekend of Gorey Stories! Three of the five opening weekend performances were sold clean and we ended up selling 96% of all inventory – which included our preview!

We began and ended the weekend with loud, boisterous audiences who whooped and whistled their way through standing ovations at the end.

All that combined with the fact that we simply had a blast doing this show for you all made for a near-perfect weekend. We only had a few small technical glitches (which we’ve fixed) and only one near-tragedy with an actor rolling an ankle that almost caused heart attacks. But, there’s some of the beauty of live theater – man plans, God laughs.

I wanted to remind you all that we’ve extended through Nov. 11 – so please help us spread the word!

Haven’t seen the show yet? You better hurry up and get a ticket! This Saturday is again already sold out and Friday is quickly on the way to the same glorious fate. We’d sure love to see you!

To read more on the show, including feedback from folks who came opening weekend, visit us online.

We’re off to a great start to our 0708 season! Thank you for being a part of it!


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