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Silence Song List

Silence The Musical featured04

Check out the song list (or is that shong lisht?) for Silence! The Musical.

  1. “Silence!” – The Lambs
  2. “Thish Ish It” – Clarice, Crawford, and Ensemble
  3. “The Right Guide” – Chilton, Clarice, and Ensemble
  4. “If I Could Smell Her C**t” – Dr. Lecter
  5. “Papa Shtarling” – Papa Starling and Clarice
  6. “It’s Agent Shtarling” – Clarice
  7. “Are You About a Size 14?” – Buffalo Bill, Catherine, and Ensemble
  8. “My Daughter Is Catherine” – Senator Martin
  9. “Quid Pro Quo” – Dr. Lecter and Clarice
  10. “I’d F**k Me” – Bill and Ensemble
  11. “It’s Me!” – Dr. Lecter and Ensemble
  12. “Catherine Dies Today” – Ardelia, Clarice, Bill, and Ensemble
  13. “Papa Shtarling” (Reprise) – Papa Starling and Clarice
  14. “Put the F***ing Lotion in the Basket” – Bill and Catherine
  15. “We’re Going In!” – Starling, Bill, and Ensemble
  16. “Bill’s Death (In the Dark with a Maniac)” – Starling, Bill, Catherine, and Ensemble
  17. “Silence” (Reprise/Finale) – Clarice, Dr. Lecter, Crawford, and The Lambs

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