Sarah McKenna

Hurlyburly is Sarah McKenna’s second performance with Jobsite, following a stirring performance as Elizabeth in After Frankenstein in 2004. And by “stirring” she means, well, pretty good. As a graduate of the University of Florida’s theater department, and an L.A. refugee to boot, she is proud and happy to back here in Tampa. The opportunity to be asked back for a second round is a blessing and she is ever grateful for the chance to be surrounded by artists with a passion for theater that people actually care to go to. She would like to thank her amazing circle of family and friends who would be underrated if she merely said supportive; she would also like to ask any male member of her family to bear in mind during the show that it’s “just acting.” She swears it has no bearing on her real character. And lastly to her Ryan: Near or far, my dear, you are loved.

Jobsite Productions