Picasso update and random thoughts

(Ed. note – while David’s on vacation this week, this blog is brought to you by our swell Jobsite Board member and director of Picasso at the Lapin Agile, Kari Goetz.)

While David is taking a well deserved vacation, and getting lots of good first-hand research for Lieutenant of Inishmore, he said we could blog in his place.

Oh how he will regret that.

To start things off, as the director of Picasso at the Lapin Agile, things in Paris are looking tres bien! We are enjoying our second sold out weekend and I have to thank Mr. Martin for writing such an incredible script and being famous. He certainly helped us sell some tickets.

I don’t want to take away from the outstanding work or our actors. Three members of our cast are enjoying their first Jobsite show. J. Duggan (who was seen in our Jobside production Short Comings), Jennifer Rae and Dominic Russo have become wonderful additions to the Jobsite family and we are lucky to have them on board. Our Jobsite veterans have stretched themselves beyond what our audiences have come to expect and nobody knew that Jason Evans could look that much like Albert Einstein. For real, its a little scary.

It’s been a great process bringing all this great talent together, herding the cats, crying with laughter and creating a magic worthy of the Lapin Agile. If you haven’t read the study guide – it is a great addition to your bathroom library and can be downloaded here.

Chris Holcom – who plays the passionate Pablo Picasso – has gotten teased by the cast for the Creative Loafing feature, and we love that he keeps people guessing.

The two of us also got to sit down with David Warner – CreLo editor and overall mensch for a great podcast on Arts Speak. We got to talk about 10 years of Jobsite, having our significant others in the show and a strange tangent about my love of Florida football.

If you haven’t seen Picasso at the Lapin Agile – we’re at the Shimberg until Jan. 31 and there are still lots of seats available for the next two weeks. If you have seen the show, remember to tell your friends to see it before its too late.

And on a final note – this morning as I was reading my St. Pete Times (yes, I still read the paper – on an old fashioned medium known as “newsprint”) I had to giggle at Amy Scherzer’s society report. On behalf of Jobsite, let me congratulate Stageworks on a very successful Masquerade Ball this past weekend. That’s not what made me giggle – it’s that she referred to Anna Brennan (Artistic Director of Stageworks) as “Mama Drama.” I couldn’t help but think what moniker David Jenkins might get ten years from now – “Pappa Playz” was my front runner. That way he could always jump start that hip-hop career he’s always wanted.

Told you he’d regret loaning me the blog.

– Kari Goetz



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