Picasso smashes records!

Our run of Picasso at the Lapin Agile has just become the highest-grossing single run of a play that we’ve ever produced on our own! It’s currently sitting in the #4 spot for best-attended play that we’ve produced on our own. Amazingly if the show manages to sell another 42 tickets in the next 4 days, it will claim #1 in both categories (attendance and gross).

To dissect a tiny bit further:
What do we mean by “single run”? We’re not combining the totals of show that we may have produced more than once,brought back for a weekend here or there or toured to other places over the years like The History of the Devil, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) or A Girl’s Guide to Chaos.
Why do we say “that we’ve produced on our own”?
In 2000, Jobsite co-produced Dracula with TBPAC. That production ran for 6 weeks and was doing up to 7 shows a week. Our normal schedule is 3 weeks (4-5 if we hold over) and 4-5 shows a week. Dracula also had a RIDICULOUS marketing budget and campaign, including a billboard on 275. We made good money, but we also spent a ton on advertising.
How can a show have made more money than other shows but have less attendance? That’s a bit more complicated – but consider discounting (like student rush), group sales, subscriber load in etc. A higher gross with less tickets sold just means more less people are paying full price opposed to more people paying a reduced rate.

There are still 4 CHANCES LEFT to catch it, and maybe even cement this record for a bit. Wed. – Sat. nights this week at 8pm! I hope you can make it!


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