Open thread: post your Ros and Guil reviews

Here you go, your chance to sound off on what you thought of the show! Your comments will immediately appear. Give those other critics a run for their money, or just post a simple “Well done” or “What the heck was that?”


5 thoughts on “Open thread: post your Ros and Guil reviews

  1. [From the preview Wednesday night.] Nice set design. Great integration of lighting cues to drive the story, but a little bit off on timing. David was a bit heavy on the Chaplin at the beginning but the performance softened throughout. Paul was wonderful. Great production and direction! Excellent job! I loved it.

  2. i think all involved should be very proud and pleased with this production. I saw R & G on the same stage waaaaaay back in the days of B.O.B. (theatrical palindrome), which is when i first fell for the show and this production has only served to deepen my love affair. Beautiful set, Brian, beautifully lit, Karla (my original tragedian, and all actors beautifully garbed, Spencer. Kudos to all cast members who commit so fully and intelligently and often ridiculously (Matt, I’m talking to you) to this language- dense piece of modern theatre poetry. Katrina and crew, thanks for bringing a favorite to the stage and serving it Well Done.

  3. The actors’ superb timing makes this play soar!

    David and Shawn have an incredible nuanced partnership.

    Paul’s marching music has got to be one of the most intriguing choices I’ve seen.

    Go see this play for the acting and maybe walk away with some philosophy under your belt.

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