Now hiring production/technical positions for this season and beyond

Jobsite Theater, resident theater company at the Straz Center, is now hiring for these positions. These may be perfect positions for early to mid-career artists. As is, sadly, the honest truth for most theater work in Tampa — none of these posts currently pay what would be considered a full time living wage but are not out of line with pay for the city. Jobsite is an ensemble-based company and works hard to provide an artistic home. We are also dedicated to growing into a sustainable source of a living wage for our artists. Over the years we have seen many recent college graduates and early-career professionals come through our doors, using it as an opportunity to expand their knowledge while developing their skills in a professional theatrical laboratory, then take those skills on to bigger, better, and more lucrative posts. We understand that comes with the territory, are happy to provide the opportunity, and also recognize the importance of developing a financial foundation that will allow us to keep our best and brightest.

Technical Director: as a small not-for-profit theater, our technical director is typically responsible for all elements of the set from the time drawings come in to completion by our 10 out of 12 rehearsal. Load-in periods are typically 8-10 days and the space is available at almost any time during that period, particularly during weekdays. Based on the project and the budget we are open to re-arranging the budget so that part of the fee goes to a charge artist or set dresser, or we may find additional resources for such an added post based on need. With adequate planning we are typically able to provide volunteer crews for load-in in terms of basic construction and base painting, as well as strike crews. We have an immediate opening for a technical director to take on our production of HIR (first preview March 7) as well as our spring production of 1984. Our preference is to hire a TD for the entire upcoming 18-19 season, but are open to stringing together a number of TDs to take care of the season if we can come to contract terms this summer. TD fees for HIR and 1984 are $1,250 with a percentage of any net profit above show expenses, and we hope to increase that rate for the 18-19 season while also separating the work of the TD from any painters/charge artists. Some insight into what the TD position entails may be found here.

Lighting Designer: we may have an opening coming this season (TBD), but will surely be hiring lighting designers for the 18-19 season. As with the position of TD, for a small theater of our size the LD acts as their own master electrician and is responsible for the full implementation of the lighting design. Also as with the TD, with proper scheduling we may be able to provide volunteer crews for basic assistance. Design fees vary, $750 – $1,500 depending on the needs of the show, plus all contracts come with a percentage of any net profit above show expenses.

Stage Manager: We have an immediate opening for a stage manager to take on Dancing at Lunaghsa (in June and July) and are also looking for SMs to work with us during the 18-19 season and beyond. As we continue to grow one area of emphasis for the company is the development of a Company Stage Manager position who will act as a support staff member for the Producing Artistic Director in all areas of production. While it doesn’t look like we will have a committed salary in place by the 18-19 season, if we find the right candidate we are prepared to bring them on in a part-time w2 capacity at any time. Ideal candidates will be punctual, dependable, well-organized with strong communication skills, available (phone, message, or email depending on preference) to attend to shifting needs throughout the day outside of rehearsal as needed, and — in a perfect world — come with some knowledge of QLab. Jobsite typically rehearses Tue – Thu evenings, Saturday afternoons, and Sunday late morning into early afternoon. Jobsite rehearses 20 hours a week, works with AEA and non-AEA talent, and additional duties outside of rehearsal would not normally come in over an hour a day. SMs are paid $150 to $250 a week base salary plus all contracts come with a percentage of any net profit above show expenses. The company will continue to look for outside funding to add to this salary for the needs that fall outside of typical stage manager duties.

The positions for HIR and 1984 need to be addressed immediately. All 18-19 posts will be contracted no later than July 2018. Please write in to us through this form to express your interest for any position. Candidates will be screened, and we will schedule afternoon face to face interviews with any candidates that we would like to hear from.

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