Morey Gorey photos

Right after the final Saturday show. Ah, marriage.

goreycandids2 001

From before the final performance.

goreycandids2 004

Now it’s a memory on the wall.

goreycandids2 019

A closer look at the Gorey Bunch as crafted by Spencer Meyers.

goreycandids2 017


2 thoughts on “Morey Gorey photos

  1. He’s an incredibly gifted guy, all the way around.

    I don’t know if you recall, but he did galleries for both Grimm’s and Pillowman. I was particularly fond of his The Little Jesus. I missed out on it though. I did commission him to do a small girl painted green. I have the original up in my house, as well as a Snow White from Grimm’s.

    We’re glad to officially have him as part of the group!

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