Meet the cast, director of HIR in a series of CL interviews

Cathy Salustri at Creative Loafing has what she playfully refers to as her soon to be world famous format of “Seven questions with …” This week she was kind enough to interview the cast and director of Taylor Mac’s HIR that go into everything from their roles and working with the company to significant others, TV shows, toys, and their feelings about cats. Take a look, and make sure to pick up your tickets! We’re on stage through April 1!

Seven questions with Ned Averill-Snell

Seven questions with Roxanne Fay

Seven questions with Robert Spence Gabriel

Seven questions with Salem Brophy

Seven questions with David Jenkins

(L-R) Robert Spence Gabriel, Roxanne Fay and Ned Averill-Snell in Jobsite's HIR. (Photos by Pritchard Photography.)


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